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  1. sexy tv
    The 21 Sexiest TV Shows to Watch Right NowWho doesn’t love a little spice?
  2. recommendations
    Please Enjoy Esther Perel’s 10 Favorite Erotic Films“Many of these scenes play out fantasies, and fantasies often express our deepest emotional needs and wishes,” Perel says.
  3. culture
    A New Zine Explores the Sexy Side of CakeCake Zine considers the connection between baking and erotica.
  4. yandy
    Yes, Margaret Atwood Has Seen the Sexy Handmaid CostumeAnd she’s underwhelmed!
  5. “sexy”
    The Sexy Halloween Store Has Outdone ItselfYandy is now selling a “sexy” Mister Rogers Halloween costume.
  6. holidays
    Thanksgiving Is the Least Sexy HolidayThe disturbing trend of sensual turkey videos must be stopped.
  7. bringing sexy back?
    Emilia Clarke Says Her Hotness Is Thanks to Photoshopping and VodkaSame. 
  8. Sage Halloween Advice From Sex Guru Dr. RuthWords to live by.
  9. trading in cliches
    22 Ways to Show Sex Without Actually Showing ItDon’t worry; they’re definitely SFW.
  10. lifehacks
    How to Have a Summer of Sweat-Free SexTips for preserving your comfort and your bed linens.
  11. gift guide 2014
    A Chic, Tasteful Guide to Valentine’s Day Lingerie As racy as elegant gets.
  12. 50 shades of grey
    Your First Look at the Fifty Shades of Grey CastHaving coffee, not a whip in sight.
  13. dubious rankings
    Adam Levine Supposedly the Sexiest Man AliveApparently he is all we deserve.
  14. the pixie club of hollywood
    Pamela Anderson Just Feels Sexier With a Pixie Cut“To have short hair and really show my face is even more revealing than anything.” 
  15. makeovers
    Trying to Get Laid? Just See This HairstylistIt costs $150 and harnesses the power of drag queens.
  16. date night
    Looking for a Valentine’s Date Dress? Try ThisSilk fringe is chic and a little racy.
  17. Eleven Lush Lingerie Looks to Take Into the BedroomJust as fun to put on as they are to slip off.
  18. adventures in sex
    Can You Teach ‘Sexy’? I Took a Class to Find OutIt was a nightmare.
  19. sexy exercise
    Here’s a Sexy Yoga Video To get you in the mood for _______.