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  1. keeping up with the royals
    Cute Child Allowed to Plunder Spoils of the DeepPrince George may keep his ancient megalodon tooth.
  2. catch of the day
    We Found Your New Tinder PicThis adorable, recently discovered walking (!) shark will certainly help you get matches.
  3. interior design
    I Need to Know Everything About This Perfect, Demented Chair From Martha StewartMartha’s throwback Instagram post about a very special chair left me with a thousand questions.
  4. you’re doing great sweetie
    Extra Large Great White Shark Either Pregnant or ‘Very Full’Either way, congrats!
  5. long live shark week
    Three Scammers Kidnapped a Shark From an Aquarium by Putting It in a StrollerThey were armed with a net, a bucket, and a baby stroller.
  6. Influencer Gets Bit by Shark for Sick Instagram and It’s Totally Worth ItInstagramming is well on its way to surpassing bobsledding as the world’s most dangerous sport.
  7. live every week like it’s shark week
    Tons of People Are Now Donating to Shark Charities in Trump’s NameThis comes after news broke that the president hates sharks and hopes they all die.
  8. single ladies
    Female Zebra Shark Gives Up on Shark Men and Mates With HerselfAfter being separated from her mate for three years, Leonie the shark reproduced asexually.
  9. people who dgaf
    Chill Rihanna Swims With Sharks Like It’s No Big Deal“Sharks swim with sharks.”
  10. things we love
    Women Were Really Into Shark Week This Year L.L.B.S. (Ladies Love Big Sharks)
  11. look of the day
    M.I.A. Survives a Shark AttackDo you like to wear animals on your clothes?