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  1. skin deep
    How to Get Rid of Ingrown HairsAnd how to stop them before they form.
  2. auto-refill
    The Beauty Products Ashley Graham Uses to the Last DropAnd why the supermodel teamed up with Flamingo.
  3. auto-refill
    The Beauty Products Sydney Sweeney Uses to the Last DropThe Euphoria actress on the $5 mascara she’s used her “entire life,” the shampoo that saved her dyed hair, and more.
  4. scent of a man
    Theo James on Eyebrows and ManscapingThe Divergent actor is the new face of Hugo Boss.
  5. advice
    What Should You Do With Your Mustache?Anything you want.
  6. grooming
    So Should We All Grow Out Our Pit Hair This Summer?Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, and Chinese feminists agree.
  7. up close and personal
    Jon Hamm Shaves Three Times a DayThanks to Mad Men’s makeup artist, you now know about the beauty rigors of living with Jon Hamm.
  8. Watch a Hot Hockey Player Lose His Beard on VineThe best shaving we’ve ever seen.
  9. video
    Gwyneth: I Shaved Myself for the Side-Butt Dress“Ass hanging out” required emergency hair removal.
  10. hairy situations
    Let’s Talk About This New Bikini-Trimming Stick-Slash-Razor ThingSome feminists are disturbed by the product itself. We are disturbed by the commercial.
  11. best things ever
    Now Available: $2,200 Razors Made From Woolly-Mammoth TuskThey’re so hip they come with vintage erotica.
  12. beauty marks
    Agyness Deyn Is Shiseido’s New Face; The Mangroomer Conquers Back HairDeyn takes the reins from Angelina Jolie at Shiseido, Hilary Swank chops her hair off, and Louboutins inspire lipstick.
  13. run through
    Lookie! Sean Avery Blogs!It’s superstar intern Sean Avery’s second day guest-editing MensVogue.com and he’s trying his hand at blogging!