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She’s The Boss

  1. shes the boss
    Amber Rose Is Now the Proud Owner of a Strip ClubShe’s the new boss at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles.
  2. shes the boss
    12 Famous Women on Their MentorsSuccessful women reflect on the role models who influenced their careers along the way, from agents to therapists to best friends to moms.
  3. lessons
    Career Resolutions Based on My Professional FailuresPlease. Learn from my mistakes.
  4. shes the boss
    Everything I Learned Leading a Fortune 500 CompanyAn interview with Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good.
  5. natural hair
    Meet the Woman Who Started a Drybar for Women With Natural HairFinally.
  6. she’s the boss
    Are Men Actually Intimidated by Powerful Women?I refuse to believe this. But maybe that’s the problem?
  7. modest proposals
    The Art of Being UnderestimatedWhat if we could be using stereotypes in our favor?
  8. shes the boss
    Hollywood’s 25 Most Memorable Boss HairstylesOnscreen, women in charge have the best hair.
  9. mentorship
    It Takes More Than a Mentor to Win at Work Advice on finding a sponsor from a Wall Street leader.
  10. organized life
    Small Ways to Boss Up Your HomePractical yet gorgeous pieces for your place.
  11. shes the boss
    How to Boss Yourself AroundIt’s time you started listening to you. 
  12. office space
    How to Have the Classiest Desk in the OfficeFancy pens and paperweights.
  13. as told to
    Tina Brown Talks Sexism, Power, and Women’s Careers“I always found being a woman was a Trojan horse.”
  14. work
    Why We Need Older Women in the WorkplaceThey show us who we want to be.
  15. shes the boss
    25 Famous Women on Being in ChargeCEOs, media moguls, entertainers, and heads of state on calling all the shots, demolishing the glass ceiling, and reclaiming the word bossy.
  16. shes the boss
    How Black Women Have Been Leaning In ForeverTalking to NPR’s Michel Martin.
  17. Dress Like a Boss, Even If You’re Not One (Yet)Business bras included.
  18. shes the boss
    Want to Be Better at Your Job? Have a Kid.Trust me.