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  1. shelf improvement
    The Surprising Thing That Inspired Me to Ask for a RaiseFrom a women’s bookstore in London.
  2. shelf improvement
    This Is the Most Calming Book I’ve Ever ReadFinding zen in A Pattern Language, a radical architecture book from the ’70s.
  3. my two cents
    9 Books About Money That Every Woman Should ReadThey won’t make you fall asleep.
  4. shelf improvement
    How to Write a Sympathy CardThis book has all the right words to say.
  5. shelf improvement
    The Secret History Is Still the Book I Recommend to EveryoneDonna Tartt’s campus thriller is my personal Platonic ideal of what a novel should be.
  6. shelf improvement
    If the Internet Has Melted Your Brain, Try My Demented Reading StrategyYou, too, can read 17 books at once.
  7. shelf improvement
    The Fantasy Series I Reread in Times of CrisisIt’s like literary Xanax.
  8. shelf improvement
    8 Great Books to Read While You’re Stuck NursingThe books I devoured while hormonal and sleep-deprived.
  9. shelf improvement
    6 Graphic Novels to Make You CryFrom Alison Bechdel to Jillian Tamaki.
  10. shelf improvement
    I Hate This Book About Lifehacks, But I Can’t Stop Reading ItWhat if somewhere in these 600 pages lies a valuable nugget of self-transformative gold?