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  1. reproductive wrongs
    Oklahoma Abandons Measure Requiring Anti-Abortion Signs in Public BathroomsThey’ll opt for social-media outreach instead. Yay?
  2. shmashmortion
    Reproductive Rights Are Already Under AttackReproductive-rights groups have filed three lawsuits to challenge unnecessary abortion restrictions.
  3. shmashmortion
    In Praise of How Jane the Virgin Discussed Abortion Last NightThe show’s depiction was realistic without being sensational.
  4. reproductive rights
    Women Seeking Abortions Are Sure About Their Choice Before Walking Into a ClinicThose mandatory waiting periods serve what purpose, exactly?
  5. shmashmortion
    The President of NARAL on What Abortion Means in This ElectionIt signals how the candidates feel about women.
  6. shmashmortion
    Oklahoma Gets First New Abortion Clinic in 42 YearsBut only thanks to a Kansas-based group.
  7. shmashmortion
    Americans Are Somehow More Okay With Late-Term Abortions If Zika Is InvolvedThere are other causes of birth defects, folks.
  8. shmashmortion
    Indiana Court Throws Out Purvi Patel’s Abortion ConvictionShe had been sentenced to 20 years for taking abortion-inducing drugs.
  9. shmashmortion
    Oklahoma Wants to Use Public Schools to Achieve an ‘Abortion-Free Society’Teens will learn that life begins at conception but, curiously, they will not be taught how to prevent pregnancy.
  10. shmashmortion
    Hillary Clinton Drags Trump and Republicans on Abortion“They are for limited government everywhere except when it comes to interfering with women’s choices and rights.”
  11. shmashmortion
    Ireland’s Abortion Ban Is Cruel, Inhuman, and Discriminatory, Says U.N.A United Nations panel says the ban violated an Irish woman’s human rights.
  12. shmashmortion
    Pro-Choice Activists Ask to Be Prosecuted to Prove a Point About Abortion LawsA whole new level of dedication.
  13. shmashmortion
    Oklahoma Governor Vetoes Absurd Bill That Would Have Effectively Banned AbortionHappy Friday?
  14. misinformed consent
    New Law Requires Doctors to Shame Women Over Medical AbortionsAnd it’s all based on more junk science.
  15. shmashmortion
    More Young Docs Want to Be Abortion ProvidersTake that, anti-choice legislation.
  16. shmashmortion
    Indiana Being Sued Over Garbage Anti-Choice LawNot so fast, Governor Pence.
  17. shmashmortion
    Woman in Texas Forced to Deliver Stillborn BabyTime limits on abortions are more harmful than you think.
  18. shmashmortion
    What the Changes to Abortion-Pill Labels Really MeanThis is more political than medical.
  19. brick walls
    Hero Gov. Vetoes Anti-Planned Parenthood Bill*Sunglasses emoji.*
  20. shmashmortion
    Fewer Women in Texas Are Getting Abortions, But Not Because They Don’t Need ThemNew Mexico is there for women, but it’s not filling the humongous gap left by Texas.
  21. yaburnt
    Hillary Clinton Says Abortion Isn’t a Right If It’s LimitedThank you, HRC. 
  22. shmashmortion
    Anti-Abortion Texas Lawmaker Has No Idea How Abortion WorksAs Samantha Bee helpfully explains to him.
  23. shmashmortion
    Brazil Is Being So Dumb About Zika and AbortionHarsher penalties would just mean more illegal procedures.
  24. shmashmortion
    John Oliver Breaks Down Ridiculous Abortion LawsIf you watch to the end, there’s a reward!
  25. shmashmortion
    The Supreme Court Will Hear A Challenge to Texas Abortion LawThe law could leave the state with only 10 abortion clinics.
  26. shmashmortion
    Republicans Investigating Planned ParenthoodHouse Republicans announced a Congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood.
  27. hoaxes
    Man Stages Abortion Hoax to Get People to Buy His NovelSounds like a winning strategy!
  28. shmashmortion
    SCOTUS Temporarily Blocks Closing of Texas Abortion Clinics The Court issued a stay on the new law that would effectively shut down half of the state’s abortion clinics.
  29. shmashmortion
    California to Ban Crisis Pregnancy Centers From Lying to PatientsSlut shaming: not an effective birth-control method.
  30. shmashmortion
    Forced Ultrasounds: ‘Just a Cool Thing,’ Says Scott WalkerSilly media, trying to make state-mandated vaginal probes “sound like a crazy idea.”
  31. shmashmortion
    Pro-Lifers Change Their Minds When Abortion Gets PersonalTake family-values representative Scott DesJarlais, who doesn’t support abortion unless he knows someone who needs one.
  32. shmashmortion
    House Passes a Ban on Abortions After 20 WeeksThe bill would make it difficult for rape survivors to access abortion care.
  33. shmashmortion
    Here’s What Happens When Pregnant Women Lose Their RightsPurvi Patel’s case is just the latest miscarriage of justice.
  34. shmashmortion
    Report Confirms Crisis Pregnancy Centers Are Horrible“Stop whoring around,” and other helpful medical advice.
  35. shmashmortion
    Mutinous GOP Women Sabotage Abortion BillHouse Republican women beg leadership to stop talking about rape and abortion.
  36. shmashmortion
    Trent Franks Still Trying to Make Abortion Ban HappenIt would outlaw abortions after 20 weeks.
  37. shmashmortion
    For Abortion Advocates, There’s No Silver Lining in Midterm ResultsPersonhood-amendment victories have overshadowed the more insidious — and consequential — regulations on abortion providers.
  38. shmashmortion
    Reminder: Abortion Restrictions Ruin Women’s LivesWaiting periods forced a Pennsylvania mom to break the law.
  39. shmashmortion
    By Choice or Necessity, the Future of Abortions May Be at HomeIn countries where abortion is illegal, women are safely self-inducing. Maybe we should, too.
  40. shmashmortion
    Q&A: The Pro-Choice Group Texas Feminists HateStop Patriarchy’s “Abortion Rights Freedom Ride” won’t be welcome.
  41. shmashmortion
    The GOP’s New 3-Pronged Approach to Abortion SensitivityWill it make women hate them less? 
  42. shmashmortion
    Abortion Will Stay Barely Legal in TexasUntil it goes to the supreme court.
  43. shmashmortion
    The Heroic Commutes of Abortion ProvidersPopular pro-life “TRAP” laws mean shrinking rights and increased travel times. 
  44. shmashmortion
    Why the Abortion Pill Didn’t Change EverythingStill controversial, still painful, and still misunderstood by even pro-choice women.
  45. virginia is for non-white lovers
    In Virginia, a Lot of White Women Voted for Anti-Choice Ken CuccinelliWow.
  46. shmashmortion
    Federal Judge Blocks Part of Texas Abortion LawAnd Rand Paul warns of abortion eugenics. 
  47. shmashmortion
    Meet the Doctors Who Provide Late-Term AbortionsAll four of them.
  48. shmashmortion
    So Much for That Wildly Successful ‘Webcam Abortion’ ProgramIt’s over now.
  49. shmashmortion
    Ross Perot Steps Up for Beleaguered Texas Planned ParenthoodAnd soon Wendy Davis will, too. 
  50. Getting an Abortion, the Video GameTexas’s draconian abortion regulations inspired a role-playing game. 
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