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    Shop the Fall Trends: Leggings, Biker Jackets, Peekaboo LaceWe scoured the stores to bring you 120 of the season’s best pieces, with picks by Nasty Gal.
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    Stay Well-Heeled With 150 of Fall’s Best New Boots & ShoesNew shoes are the easiest (and most wallet-friendly) way to update your wardrobe this fall.
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    See 100 New Items for Fall, Picked by the City’s Top MerchantsWe asked the city’s top retailers to tell us what they’re looking forward to stocking for our latest Shop-A-Matic.
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    Flashback: Browse 130 Vintage FindsWe scoured vintage shops to find fall’s key trends.
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    120 Bracelets, Rings, and Necklaces You’ll CovetWe hunted down 120 of our favorite baubles for our latest Shop-a-Matic, with 50 options that are $100 or less.
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    115 Lipsticks, Stains, and Balms You’ll Wear This SummerToo humid for makeup? Nonsense! We picked 115 of the best lipsticks, stains, balms, and glosses for the summer.
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    130 Ways to Make Your Dad Look CoolWe have everything for Dad, from clothes to grooming objects, in our latest Shop-A-Matic.
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    Get Ready for Summer With New Sunglasses and SwimsuitsOur latest Shop-A-Matic features sunglasses for $10 and bathing suits that start at $13.
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    Polish Up With Spring’s Top 110 Nail ColorsFrom blue to yellow to red, we tried out all the new colors for the latest Shop-A-Matic.
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    130 Gifts for Mom, in Case You Had ForgottenNext Sunday is Mother’s Day, so go shopping!
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    Play Dress-up With 140 of Our Favorite Spring FrocksCheck out the latest Shop-A-Matic, featuring 140 spring dresses, with 29 options under $100, and 59 frocks under $200.
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    150 Gifts You’ll Heart This Valentine’s DayPlay matchmaker and find the perfect one for you, with our latest Shop-A-Matic.
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    Kick Off the New Year by Browsing 112 SneakersWe bring you 112 options for new kicks for our latest Shop-A-Matic, including 25 from sneaker Website Hypebeast.com.
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    The Ultimate Gift List: 500 Top Picks of the SeasonWe found 500 items for everyone on your shopping list, plus 400 are under $100.
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    Here Comes the Bride: 322 Bridal Fashion IdeasFind the perfect wedding gown and accessories for your big day.
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    It’s Time to Start Wearing a Watch AgainSee our favorite picks from our latest Shop-A-Matic featuring 125 watches.
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    Layer It On With 130 Hats, Gloves, and ScarvesItems in our latest Shop-A-Matic range from $7 to $438. Here are seven of our favorites.
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    If You Need a Coat, Here Are 140 Options!You’re going to have to wear one every day soon so you may as well look fetching.
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    Our Favorite Fashionable Beach AccessoriesWe picked 149 beach accessories, from hats to flip-flops to cover-ups, for our latest Shop-A-Matic. Here are a few of our favorites.
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    Rogan Gregory’s Favorite Ecofriendly Fashion and Beauty ItemsWe asked Rogan Gregory to select more than 90 ecofriendly fashion and beauty items for our latest Shop-A-Matic. Here are a few of our favorite picks.
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    Unique, Chic Sunglasses for Every BudgetIn our latest Shop-A-Matic, we picked 120 of our favorite shades for men and women in all styles and price levels. Here are a few of our favorite picks.
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    A Few Gift Ideas for Oh-So-Imminent Father’s DayFather’s Day is on June 15, and we know you’re not prepared. So we pulled 120 gift ideas for our latest Shop-A-Matic. Here are a few of our favorites.
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    It’s Almost Mother’s Day, and We Know You Need HelpWe just launched our Mother’s Day Shop-A-Matic featuring selections from gadgets to flowers for all types of moms. Here are a few of our favorite selections.
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    The Best Veils, Stationery, and Gifts for This Season’s WeddingsPlanning a wedding? We picked out hundreds of veils, hair combs, potential gifts, and stationery to make the whole mess easier in our latest Shop-A-Matic.
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    Umbrellas and Wellies That Are Actually CuteIt’s nice out today, but Al Roker predicts showers for Monday and beyond. We selected some attractive rain gear to keep you dry.
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    Go Buy New Shoes This WeekendThis weekend promises to be positively sun-kissed, so why not get a little spring shopping under your waist-belt? We’ve selected spring shoes for guys and gals.
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    Shop-A-Matic Lipsticks: 109 Reasons to Pucker Up If you marched into Sephora, tested every lipstick, gloss, stain, and balm, and wiped off each and every one with a tissue or, worse, a cotton pad, you would have one severely tender pout when you were all done. And we would never want that for you! So we sacrificed our kissers and performed the rather unglamorous task of testing 400 lipsticks, glosses, stains, and balms to select our 109 favorites for our latest lipsticks Shop-A-Matic.
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    Shop-A-Matic Sneakers: 130 Pairs Ready for Your LoveWe know your type: Waiting on line at 3 a.m. in the freezing cold, just so you can score those limited-edition kicks that won’t be available until noon. It’s okay, we’re not ashamed to admit we’d sometimes sacrifice things like food, sleep, and warmth to cop a hot pair too.
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    New in Shop-A-Matic: Lingerie for Valentine’s DayWe all know you’re not going to get your pretty knickers dry-cleaned by Valentine’s Day on Thursday. And, really, what would Valentine’s Day be without pretty knickers? (If you eat as much office junk food on V-Day as we do, you may need a better-fitting pair, anyway.) So dispose of that income, why don’t you, and buy some classy new ones. Or send your boyfriend a link to the latest edition of Shop-A-Matic, which includes 120 different pieces. Below are four of our favorite looks for gals across all income brackets and tastes.