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Short Shorts

  1. tiny little shorts
    God Bless Will Smith’s Tiny King Richard ShortsA thigh-centric ode to tennis-dad style.
  2. celebrity
    Infamous Short-Shorts Wearer Speaks OutActor Milo Ventimiglia has addressed his viral short shorts, which he claims are actually “normal length.”
  3. everyday sexism
    JetBlue Stops Passenger From Boarding Plane Because of Her Short ShortsWho wears short shorts? Not JetBlue passengers, apparently.
  4. look of the day
    Look of the Day: Bradley Cooper Embraces the Shorty-ShortCheck out those gams!
  5. the thigh’s the limit
    Men’s Shorts Are Getting Dangerously Short, Warns WSJLike, Larry Bird short.
  6. new looks
    To Discuss: Miley Cyrus’s Crop Tops and PantiesWorn with thigh-high boots.