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Short Stories

  1. fiction
    Slow and SteadyI’d never been Gabe’s type, and I knew it.
  2. recommendations
    9 Short-Story Collections for Short Attention SpansWhat we’ve been reading when big books won’t do the trick.
  3. relationships
    ‘Cat Person’ Author Says She’s Started Dating WomenAnd they’ve been dating for a while.
  4. cat person
    ‘Cat Person’ Author Is Writing a Horror MovieCan’t wait for the think pieces.
  5. talking to
    9 Men on Seeing Themselves in ‘Cat Person’“I hate Robert and deeply hope that I’m not him, but I think we — men — all are.”
  6. literature
    Why a Short Story About a Terrible Date Went ViralThe New Yorker’s “Cat Person” shows how complicated bad sex really is.
  7. short stories
    One Night in the Life of a Cool GirlWhat’s she up to now? A consumer report.
  8. great projects
    Read an Excerpt From Prada’s New International Literary JournalEvery short story features eye glasses.