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  1. How to Wear a Vest the 2023 WayBye-bye, blazers. (Sort of.)
  2. tiny little shorts
    God Bless Will Smith’s Tiny King Richard ShortsA thigh-centric ode to tennis-dad style.
  3. the object of our affection
    I’m Obsessed With These Cheeky Metallic ShortsI’ve been seeing them everywhere.
  4. fashion
    Why Are These Shorts So Popular?The enduring popularity of Patagonia Baggies, explained.
  5. menswear
    Every Man Should Own a Pair of Shorts Like ThisThere’s something about a man in pink sequins.
  6. boys on film
    This Movie Makes a Great Case for Men in Short ShortsLet Armie Hammer’s hairy legs inspire you.
  7. dos and don’ts
    Bill de Blasio Is Pro–Cargo Shorts“Valuable part of anyone’s wardrobe,” he said.
  8. violence against women
    A Woman in Turkey Was Kicked in the Face for Wearing ShortsPeople are furious.
  9. Justin Bieber Couldn’t Decide Whether to Wear Pants or Shorts So He Wore BothModest is hottest.
  10. advice week
    My Struggle: Finding Shorts When You Aren’t Sample SizeThe struggle is real.
  11. wacky ideas
    A Fun New Reason to Get Married: Bridal Shorts On sale, for $450. From J.Crew. 
  12. the thigh’s the limit
    Men’s Shorts Are Getting Dangerously Short, Warns WSJLike, Larry Bird short.
  13. look of the day
    Karolina Kurkova Wore a Shorts TuxedoBecause legs.
  14. best bets
    Best Bet: Zara Black Quilted ShortsNo tan or gym necessary.
  15. pants are the worst
    Boys Wear Skirts at School to Beat the Heat, the Man This is a pretty brilliant protest strategy.
  16. trendlets
    20 Printed Silky Shorts to Wear Instead of CutoffsDressed-up and more polished than your music-festival mainstays.
  17. this plus that
    How to Make a T-Shirt With Shorts Look GreatUp your summer style with a few simple additions.
  18. best bet
    Best Bet: Babaton Derek ShortA summer classic, tailored.
  19. multi-zoom analysis
    Taylor Swift’s Red Shorts: A Multi-Zoom AnalysisThey’re high-waisted, stretchy, and red.
  20. zoom shots
    Zoom Shot: Prabal Gurung’s Blistered Jacquard ShortsHello, shiny rad shorts.
  21. shop the look
    Shop the Look: Late Summer Street StyleTime to phase in new fall pieces.
  22. trendlets
    Twenty-Four Leather Pieces That Will Take You Into FallWear it now with lightweight silks or cottons and layer up with tights when it gets chilly.
  23. kristen stewart
    I Do Not Believe This Picture of Kristen Stewart Crying Is From YesterdayWhen was this photo of “a teary-eyed Kristen Stewart” really taken?
  24. dress code
    Sean Avery Pontificates on Men in ShortsHe explains that men should expose their legs because women do it, and because ladies love ogling men’s ankles.
  25. dress code
    Fashionable Men Are Wearing High-Waters and Cutoffs This SummerHigh-waters and cutoffs are all the rage for men this summer. Seriously.
  26. loose threads
    Polo Ralph Lauren Faces Class-Action Suit; Gisele’s New Car CommercialAlso, shoppers probably won’t spend big on back-to-school shopping this year, and David Beckham has a surprising new television role.
  27. Why Are Shorts Suddenly Okay This Summer?The New York ‘Observer’ attempts to tackle this question, but it turns out that we should really be concerned about something far more perplexing.