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Showstudio Day

  1. How Fashion Film Gave Models a Voice“People think models are pretty girls who wear a dress and look pretty in front of a camera, and nothing can be further from the truth.”
  2. SHOWstudio’s Panelists and Interviewees Drop Fashion KnowledgeThe style world’s post-game analysis.
  3. How SHOWstudio Embraced 3-D, Instagram, and More Technological InnovationsFounder Nick Knight on being early to the party, and why he wants to make fashion content for robots.
  4. Nick Knight on Working With Kanye, Björk, and McQueenHis criterion for collaborators? “Anybody who’s doing anything interesting.”
  5. Nick Knight on SHOWstudio’s Beginnings and the Early Days of Online Fashion“People had no idea of the reach of it and where it was going.”