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  1. siblings
    Florence Pugh’s Hot Brother: A Helpful GuideThe guy is an actor, a singer, and has two first names — a triple threat.
  2. it’s all relative
    3 Women on Caring for Disabled Siblings“If my parents were to pass away, like drop dead right now for example, I would be the one calling the shots.”
  3. science of us
    Middle Children Are Going Extinct, Just When We Could Use Them the MostThey’re empaths, peacemakers, negotiators — and an endangered species.
  4. science of us
    The Crown Proves That Second Place Is More FunPrincess Margaret, Prince Philip, and the freewheeling life of being second in command.
  5. science of us
    How Being a Twin Can Complicate Your Dating LifeWhen you’ve already spent your whole life with one close bond, your expectations for the rest of them are higher.
  6. Kids Like Their Pets More Than They Like Their SiblingsObviously.
  7. cut cover story
    When Brother and Sister Became Sister and BrotherJeena Bloom wasn’t surprised when her brother Felix came out as a trans man. But when Jeena came out as a trans woman, their relationship took on a new dimension.
  8. advice
    Ask Polly: My Sister Has Cancer, and I Can’t Go OnEven though you’d rather crawl into a hole than face this reality, you can’t.
  9. it’s complicated
    What It’s Like When Your Brother Is Your Wife’s Sperm DonorSeven years later, we’re still figuring it out.
  10. As You Suspected, Your Parents Absolutely Do Have a Favorite ChildNearly two-thirds of moms and dads surveyed admitted as much to researchers.
  11. sad trombone
    Bad News: You Can’t Blame Your Sisters for All Your Defects Those birth-order stereotypes might not be true.
  12. siblings
    What Psychology Says About Venus and Serena’s Sibling RivalryNo one loves you or bugs you quite like your brother or sister.