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Sick Burns

  1. zing!
    Democratic Senator Delivers Totally Sick Burn to EPA Administrator Scott PruittHe went with a classic.
  2. sick burns
    Queen Elizabeth Finally Makes a Trump JokeShe compared him to a noisy helicopter.
  3. zing!
    Jeb Bush Delivers Totally Sick Burn to Donald TrumpThe former governor wants to fight.
  4. sick burns
    Record-Breaking Teen Trolls Her Trolls From the South PoleJade Hameister has a sandwich for you.
  5. sick burns
    The Best Burns From USA Today’s Brutal Trump Op-edThey said he’s unfit to clean Obama’s toilets.
  6. sick burns
    Hillary Clinton’s New Book Has a Great Jason Chaffetz Burn“To be honest, I thought you were Reince.”
  7. sick burns
    The All-Time Best Burns of New York Times Book Reviewer Michiko KakutaniThe legendary New York Times book critic made a lot of enemies during her 38-year tenure.
  8. politics
    8 of Hillary Clinton’s Best Trump Burns From Last Night’s Charity DinnerTrump managed to get one or two good jabs in there, too.
  9. creative ruses
    Was It All Just a Lie, Hilary Duff? Was It Ever Real?She made a music video and fools of us all.