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  1. feature
    ‘Call Me a Scammer to My Face’Madison Campbell is determined to get DIY rape kits into survivors’ hands, no matter who tells her it’s a bad idea.
  2. twitter
    Did Elon Musk Just Kill Twitter With a Google Form? Apparently, Twitter employees did not want to be “hard core.”
  3. celebrity weddings
    Sheryl Sandberg Got Married This WeekendShe and Tom Bernthal had a western-themed wedding in Wyoming.
  4. celebrity
    Nicole Shanahan Denies Having an Affair With Elon MuskHer lawyer called the WSJ story an “outright lie.”
  5. burners
    Alas, Zoom Burning Man Is Upon UsBecause of COVID-19, Burners must dress up in elaborate costumes and erect their tents at home.
  6. profile
    Seduced by Start-up LandIn Uncanny Valley, Anna Wiener tries to find career fulfillment in start-up dystopia.
  7. okay we get it
    Who Knew There Was This Much to Say About SwingingThe Silicon Valley guy spoke to Playboy about being ethically nonmonogamous, at astonishing length.
  8. elizabeth holmes
    Elizabeth Holmes Spotted in Court Sans TurtleneckThe accused Silicon Valley fraudster evolved her look.
  9. work
    This Forum Wants to Give Black Women the Business Network They DeserveBlack Women Raise, a summit that met in New York City, wants to change the conversation on who gets venture capital funding.
  10. daddy issues
    Elon Musk’s Estranged Father Had a Baby With His StepdaughterThe billionaire’s dad says it was “God’s plan.”
  11. who among us?
    Elon Musk Says He Didn’t Realize He Was at a Sex Party“His impression was that it was a corporate party with a costume theme.”
  12. profiles
    The Best Reason to Start Using Uber AgainPositive, boundary-breaking, irresistible — she may be the only way to get where they need to go.
  13. science experiments
    Can You Biohack Your Fertility?One Silicon Valley doctor’s pursuit of the Holy Grail: a way to predict the future.
  14. silicon valley
    These Men Were Fired for Harassment and Now They’re Joking About it on LinkedInNope.
  15. everyday sexism
    Ellen Pao Says Male Reporters Were ‘Skeptical’ of Her Case“[They] had no empathy for my experiences.”
  16. sexual harassment
    CEO of Silicon Valley Start-Up SoFi to Step Down Amid Sexual Harassment ClaimsMike Cagney announced he will be resigning by the end of the year.
  17. disruption
    Silicon Valley Execs on a Diet Insist They’re Not on a DietBiohacking: Dieting … for men!
  18. women at work
    Silicon Valley Investors Terrified They Accidentally Did Something SexistOne female chief executive said dozens of male VCs have reached out to her.
  19. workplace discrimination
    Ellen Pao: This Is How Sexism Works in Silicon ValleyMy lawsuit failed. Others won’t.
  20. everyday sexism
    White Tech Dude Finally Gets a Platform to Share His Ideas About WomenJames Damore, author of the infamous Google memo, wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal.
  21. silicon valley
    Alt-Right Protesters Are Planning a ‘March on Google’Organizer called James Damore’s dismissal a “flashpoint.”
  22. silicon valley
    Google Could Face Another Gender Discrimination LawsuitDozens of current and former employees are looking at suing the company for sexism and pay disparities against women.
  23. women in tech
    Anita Hill Wants Women in Tech to Sue Their Employers for Sex Discrimination“We can’t afford to wait for the tech industry to police itself.”
  24. silicon valley
    Lawsuit Claims Male Tech CEO Pretended to Be Female Sexual-Harassment VictimA blog post accusing Anis Uzzaman of sexual harassment was reportedly traced back to the IP address of one of his competitors.
  25. Judge Rules Google Must Turn Over Salary Info in Gender-Pay-Gap InvestigationIn April, the Department of Labor accused Google of “extreme” gender pay discrimination.
  26. Another Day, Another Apology for Harassment in Silicon ValleyMarc Canter once propositioned Microsoft’s danah boyd for a threesome with him and his wife.
  27. silicon valley
    Female Employees at Tesla Invited to Attend Workshop on Essential OilsMore details about how the company allegedly treats women have been revealed.
  28. sex on screen
    Is Sex in Silicon Valley As Bad As Sex on Silicon Valley?Jackhammering, Google-branded condoms, and Google Calendars
  29. sex ed
    Silicon Valley Parents Think the School’s Sex-Ed Program Is Too ExplicitThey reportedly think the curriculum is too explicit.
  30. silicon valley
    Serena Williams Has a New JobWith her new role at SurveyMonkey, Williams says she wants to help Silicon Valley diversify.
  31. How Ingrained Is Sexism in Silicon Valley? Ask the Women Trying to Get FundingWomen entrepreneurs describe being degraded and humiliated when trying to get their companies off the ground.
  32. everyday sexism
    Another Female Uber Employee Comes Forward With Harassment ClaimsHer female manager allegedly shamed her for wearing a tank top.
  33. how i get it done
    How the Founder of a Pro-Diversity Tech Start-up Gets Everything DoneOn refusing to drink Soylent, what a typical pitch meeting looks like, and working through the night.
  34. Inside the Extra-Exclusive World of Boutique Egg-FreezingThe Silicon Valley take on the fertility clinic feels “more like a café” than a medical facility.
  35. diversity blues
    Tech Companies Are Basically Begging Women to Join Their Boards to Up DiversityA new, surprising push for inclusion in tech.
  36. Tech Bros Think You Want to Drink Soylent Out of This Guy’s Mason JarNice try, dudes.
  37. awful things
    Domestic Abuser Gurbaksh Chahal Could Go to JailFor violating his probation by kicking yet another woman.
  38. cut tv club
    10 TV Shows We’re Watching Right NowWelcome to the first installment of the Cut TV club.
  39. Female-Founded Start-ups Get Much Less VC Backing Than Start-ups Founded by MenAre you surprised?
  40. women at work
    Female-Founded Start-ups Outperform All-Male OnesAmong other characteristics that influence start-up success.
  41. Ah, Yes: Another All-Male Panel on the Issue of Gender EqualitySilicon Valley’s blind spot somehow gets blinder.
  42. Study Finds That Women in Tech Ask for Lower Salaries Than Men DoBut who is to blame? 
  43. Here’s a Dismal Reflection on What It’s Like to Be a Woman in Silicon ValleyIt’s not great!
  44. Silicon Valley: Huh, Maybe We Should Hire Women?Hey, let’s put the other half of humanity to work.
  45. quotables
    Eva Chen on Instagram Style vs. Condé Nast Style“I have not worn a Utilikilt or a hoodie yet.”
  46. Pinterest Commits to Actual Diversity Goals A necessary step toward addressing Silicon Valley’s white-man problem.
  47. brogrammers
    Twitter Transforms Into a Literal Frat HouseAmidst an ongoing gender-discrimination lawsuit, the company threw a frat-party-themed happy hour last night.
  48. the occult
    Tech Bros Now Hiring Psychics to Cast Charms on Their ComputersPsychics and other various mystical advisers are gaining popularity in Silicon Valley.
  49. tech sexism
    Female Tech Workers Are Thanking Ellen Pao They took out a full-page newspaper ad.
  50. scenes
    Where Silicon Valley Looks for Love, in the Era of Ellen PaoTech-world gender relations without an HR department.
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