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Silvio Berlusconi

  1. exchange rates
    Up With Adultery! An Italian Woman’s Manifesto“Women are the real cheaters now,” says Guia Soncini, author of Other Women’s Husbands.
  2. news del giorno
    News del Giorno: La Trattativa PremieresPlus: State-sanctioned fertility treatments using donor eggs begin.
  3. apologies
    Ford Really Sorry You Saw Those Violent Kardashian Ads“We deeply regret this incident.”
  4. femen
    Topless Protesters Accost Silvio BerlusconiTypical Sunday stuff.
  5. quotables
    There’s a Feminist Conspiracy Against Berlusconi“These are three women judges, feminists and communists, okay?”
  6. loose threads
    There’s a Bright Pink Victoria’s Secret Helicopter; Target’s Sales Are UpPlus, Arizona Muse booked the latest cover of Russian Vogue.