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Simon Cowell

  1. lists
    The 50 Most Controversial T-Shirts of All TimeIncluding, but not limited to, Abercrombie & Fitch.
  2. swaps
    Why Dating a Friend’s Ex, Simon Cowell Style, Can WorkSometimes it works out for the best!
  3. first person
    How Reality TV Is Like Dating in Your TwentiesGordon Ramsay “negged” me, and I think I liked it.
  4. i’m a slave 4 u
    Simon Cowell’s Pre-X Factor Advice for Britney Spears: Put on a BraWise words.
  5. people who use the word ‘bum’
    Vogue Releases Hamish Bowles’s X-Factor Tryout VideoThis calls for some discussion.
  6. slash jobs
    Toast, meet Kate.Like the kind you eat on toast, silly, not the ones A.C. Slater wore.
  7. beauty marks
    EBay Fined Millions for Selling LVMH Fragrances; Simon Cowell Waxes His HandsAnd Ashlee Simpson’s hair is jet black.
  8. spicy dish
    American Idol Crowd Just Doesn’t Get Posh SpiceShe was supposedly bland, icy, and wooden at the auditions she just judged. The problem with that is … ?
  9. moss files
    Kate Moss Caught in Awkward Businessman TriangleSir Philip Green might have to share her now.
  10. loose threads
    Burberry’s Revenues Up; Lacroix Models Paid 50 EurosAlso, Kate Moss might not be joining forces with Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green after all.
  11. gathering moss
    Kate Moss Is Going Into Business With Simon Cowell and Sir Philip GreenMay they all be very rich together.
  12. foreigners are fun
    Sir Philip Green and Simon Cowell Could Cook Up Some Fashion TV Shows TogetherLike the ‘American Idol’ version of a model reality series.
  13. boyle-ing point
    Susan Boyle on Oprah: Still Frumpy and HappyShe colored her hair to ‘tidy up a bit, like any other female.’
  14. she dreamed a dream
    Should Susan Boyle Get a Makeover?Amanda Holden is trying to protect her from one. But can her legions of American fans accept her just as she is?
  15. loose threads
    Sienna Miller to Put On London Fashion Week Show; Jerry Hall Sells Film RightsAlso, Simon Cowell is reportedly wooing Kate Moss, and Coco Rocha is now a mannequin.
  16. growing moss
    Kate Moss Might Be PregnantEmphasis on ‘might.’