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  1. sad bird science
    You Can’t Be Both Hot and Talented, If You’re a Male BirdSad news from science.
  2. the beauty of it all
    How Deborah Lippmann Changed OprahHollywood’s best-known manicurist has touched the lives and hands of so many Oscar winners.
  3. This MRI Shows What’s Happening When an Opera Singer PerformsWhat happens when you stick a renowned baritone in an MRI machine.
  4. boy bands
    Hanson Emerges to Sing Fabulous Version of the National AnthemYou favorite ‘90s trio belts out three-part harmony at a minor-league baseball game.
  5. music
    Maybe You’re Not a Terrible SingerYou just need practice. 
  6. singing
    Watch Cara Delevingne Harmonize Her Heart OutShe’s officially a triple threat.