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Sir Philip Green

  1. beyhive
    Beyoncé Cuts Ties With Topshop ChairmanFollowing his #MeToo scandal.
  2. #metoo
    Topshop Chairman Named in #MeToo ScandalA member of parliament said he is the subject of “serious and repeated” harassment claims.
  3. athleisure nation
    Beyoncé Gives a First Look at Her Fashion LineOnly Beyoncé can stop the presses with two words.
  4. party pics
    Beyoncé and Cara Delevingne Partied in Topshop Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton, and Nick Jonas also turned out to celebrate the NYC flagship opening.
  5. her mossness
    Kate Moss Rejoins Topshop After 2-Year HiatusFollowing a nice vacation with its owner.
  6. lawsuits
    Rihanna Sues Topshop Over T-Shirts With Her Face on ThemFor a reported $5 million.
  7. true love
    Topshop’s Chloe Green Helps Marc Anthony Get Dressed NowTaking over for J.Lo.
  8. fashion yearbook
    Kate Hudson, Victoria Beckahm, and More at BFAsThe red carpet stayed true to London’s tradition of celebrating sartorial risk, with outfits that consistently amused, even when they were far from perfect.
  9. the only girl in the world
    Rihanna Is Not Really Doing a Topshop Line, of CourseSo much for those fun, completely speculative rumors.
  10. just tops
    Sir Philip Green’s Hunt for a Second Manhattan Topshop Location Is Not Unlike the Torture Normal People Go Through Finding an Apartment“I’d just like to say I don’t have ‘stupid’ written on my forehead.”
  11. just tops
    Kate Moss’s Next Topshop Line Will Be Her LastShe’s done fourteen. Why bother doing any more?
  12. just tops
    Philip Green Called Out for Tax EvasionThis is probably not the best position to be in as the prime minister’s new financial adviser.
  13. loose threads
    U.S. Customs Seized $18.6 Million Worth of Counterfeit Sunglasses; Christy Turlington Makes Directorial DebutAnd see who in the fashion world made the list of the top billionaires.
  14. loose threads
    David Lynch Might Be Directing the Next Dior Handbag Short; Sam Haskins DiesAlso, Sir Philip Green buys things for Kate Moss.
  15. moss files
    Kate Moss Caught in Awkward Businessman TriangleSir Philip Green might have to share her now.
  16. loose threads
    Burberry’s Revenues Up; Lacroix Models Paid 50 EurosAlso, Kate Moss might not be joining forces with Simon Cowell and Sir Philip Green after all.
  17. gathering moss
    Kate Moss Is Going Into Business With Simon Cowell and Sir Philip GreenMay they all be very rich together.
  18. loose threads
    Jackson Family Wears Versace for Michael; André Leon Talley Absent from Couture ShowsAlso, Sir Philip Green says sales at New York’s Topshop are still brisk.
  19. rumor mill
    Geri Halliwell to Do Topshop Collection?That’s the word out of London since she was seen going into Topshop’s HQ. Clearly there is no other explanation.
  20. foreigners are fun
    Sir Philip Green and Simon Cowell Could Cook Up Some Fashion TV Shows TogetherLike the ‘American Idol’ version of a model reality series.
  21. topshop watch
    Expect Two More Manhattan Topshops Once Sir Philip Finds SpaceBut is that what our fair city wants?
  22. omg topshop
    Her Mossness Has Emerged! And Topshop Is Open!And the crowd is going crazy!
  23. topshop watch
    Will Topshop Live Up to the Hype?Or are we setting ourselves up for massive disappointment?
  24. loose threads
    Layoffs at Barneys; Nicole Richie Does Lady GagaAlso, Lady Gaga is coming to town for the Topshop opening!
  25. eff the recession
    Topshop Will Open Quietly, Possibly With Her Mossness PresentSir Philip Green won’t throw a giant party to celebrate the April 2 opening. Thanks, economy!
  26. Christina Aguilera to Do Topshop Line?Lord, we hope this is just a rumor.
  27. growing moss
    Kate Moss’s Topshop Contract Renewed for Three YearsGet pumped because we can buy her line in New York when our Topshop opens.
  28. first looks
    Whet Your Topshop Palate With a Peek at the Clothes You Can Buy There!We have pictures of the bounty this country’s first-ever Topshop shall sell.
  29. loose threads
    Sir Philip Green’s Next Move; Nicolas Ghesquière Nabs Accessories AwardAlso Kirsten Dunst is already wearing spring 2009 Prada.
  30. moss files
    Video: Kate Moss Designs Her Topshop Line With Sir Philip GreenThat’s right — Kate actually let the cameras in on her creative process.
  31. on the cheap
    Will Fast Fashion Slow Down?We sure hope not! At least until Topshop opens in Soho.
  32. Bloody Hell: Topshop Opening Pushed Back to MARCHSir Philip Green says construction on the store has been a “logistical nightmare.” Boo.
  33. loose threads
    Online Retailing Booms Despite Economy; Rihanna Supports Emerging DesignerAlso, Sir Philip Green funds new designers, and Emma Watson hits the front rows in London.
  34. cult of personality
    The Kate Moss Likability IndexKate Moss has done a shocking two cover stories in a row. But which makes her more likable?
  35. loose threads
    Chinese Teens Heart Kate Moss; Leona Lewis Might Do Topshop LineAlso, Mr. Blackwell is ill, Custo Barcelona expands, and Sean Avery takes on Dallas in stylish shorts.
  36. run through
    Sir Philip Green Scouts More Manhattan Topshop LocationsSir Philip Green said he’d open three more Topshop locations if he found the right spaces. Now we really can’t wait for the Soho store to open.
  37. loose threads
    Marc Jacobs Casts Models for Fall; Jessica Simpson Does UnderwearKirsten Owen and Stella Tennant will appear in Jacobs’s fall campaign. Also, Pierr Bergé plans to auction contents of YSL’s Left Bank home.
  38. run through
    Real, Live British Folk Will Work at the New York TopshopThe British are coming, and they’re working in the New York Topshop! They might drive some iconic London double-deckers around, too, in case you need a ride to the new store.