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    The French React to Their New ‘Skinny Model’ LawSome call it “body-shaming.”
  2. body issues
    Do Runway Models Look Healthier This Season?The Associated Press thinks so. We’re still not sure.
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    ‘Project Runway’ Models Work Ten Hour Days for No PayDaniel’s model also explains why she quit the biz after getting axed from the show. Size really does matter.
  4. body issues
    Step Right Up for Your Free Eating-Disorder Brochure at Fashion WeekThe CFDA will set up booths at the tents to provide Fashion Week goers with info on eating disorders.
  5. body issues
    One Aspiring Model Isn’t Thin Enough, Turns to Cocktailing’America’s Next Top Model’ casting directors and agents from top agencies told Tatiana Stewart to drop at least ten pounds.
  6. body issues
    British Fashion Council Backs Off Skinny-Model FightToday it will announce that it will no longer push to require health certificates for models.
  7. body issues
    One ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ Contestant’s Dramatic Weight LossA 16-year-old finalist of the fourth season lost four inches from her hips after judges called her “bottom-heavy.”
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    CFDA Panel on Skinny Models: Coco Rocha on Her StruggleDiane Von Furstenberg, Michael Kors, and Coco Rocha joined forces last night to talk candidly about eating disorders. And strangely, the fashion world paid attention.
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    The CFDA Will Address the Skinny Model-Issue. Again.The fashion industry isn’t going to change its size 00 model aesthetics, but it wants you to know its health concerns are genuine.
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    ‘Teen Vogue’s Ali Michael Story Sends Mixed MessagesIn the June/July issue of ‘Teen Vogue,’ Ali Michael shares her story of weight struggles as an up-and-coming model.
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    Lots of Models Identify With Ali Michael’s Weight IssuesModel Ali Michael spoke out on the ‘Today’ show last week about how unhealthy she became to lose weight for her modeling career. More models are now speaking out on the Internet.
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    Model Ali Michael on ‘Today:’ ‘I Hadn’t Had My Period in Over a Year’Model Ali Michael was on the ‘Today’ show this morning, talking about her experience at the Paris shows this past February, where she was told that her legs were too fat for the runways.
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    Carolina Herrera Will Tell You If You’re Too Thin to Look GoodIf Carolina Herrera sees a model who doesn’t look healthy, she not only doesn’t cast her — she’ll pull the mannequin aside and give her a talking-to.
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    Storm Agency Founder on Bone Structure, Anorexia, and RacismSarah Doukas founded Storm modeling agency and discovered Kate Moss. She explains what it takes to make it as a model and why the runways are so full of white ones.
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    Despite Impending French Ban, Fashion Industry Holds Fast to Thin IdealsOn Tuesday in Paris, a French bill that would imprison for up to three years and fine for up to $70,000 anyone who “incited excessive thinness” was passed by the National Assembly; the bill now just needs approval from the French senate to become law.
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    Breaking: France Is ThisClose to Banning Skinny ModelsA bill in France that would make it illegal for anyone to publicly incite extreme thinness has passed the lower house and is moving on to the Senate.
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    France Revisits the Skinny-Model ProblemFrance is not ignoring the skinny model problem, pas de tout. But they expect the titans of industry to change the status quo on voluntary basis.
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    Britain Fights Photoshopped Magazine ImagesJudging from the clavicle action on the runways this past Fashion Week, the British Fashion Council’s Model Health Inquiry hasn’t had a major effect on catwalks, but the council is pushing for change in editorial departments.
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    Anna Wintour Is Sick of Skinny Models, TooIs the age of the pale, nondescript waif model almost over? According to Anna Wintour’s letter in the April “shape” issue of Vogue, it ought to be.
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    Designer Bradley Bayou Calls Out CFDA for Too-Thin ModelsThe skinny-model debate persists today thanks to designer Bradley Bayou. He stopped using size-0 and size-2 models after his daughter battled anorexia. She collapsed from the disease after years of struggling to fit into his sample sizes.
  21. loose threads
    Gucci Dinner Persuades Malawian Official to Okay Madonna’s Adoption; Lily Allen Looks Upset at London Fashion Week• It’s not just New York that’s still buzzing about the dinner Madonna co-hosted with Gucci to raise money for UNICEF and Raising Malawi, a charity that helps orphans there. A Malawian minister said the country “owes her so much” and should allow her adoption of 2-year-old Malawian David Banda, which she has a final hearing on in April. [NYDN]