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  1. guides
    What Does ‘Netflix and Chill’ Really Look Like?Does it ever include a cashmere scarf?
  2. gratuitous male objectification
    When Is a Penis Too Good to Break Up With? A.k.a., Dick Too Bomb.
  3. sex education
    All the Ways to Say Vagina and PenisA brief history of slang terms for genitalia.
  4. love and war
    How Rude Are Female –Bag and –Piece Insults? A Taxonomy and ExplorationSlutbag, shitbag, slampiece, dime piece.
  5. cut chat room
    Cut Chat: Sisterhoods of Traveling Thongs, Slutbags, and SlampiecesThe week in vulva insults.
  6. age anxiety
    Old People Tweet Links, Young People Tweet ‘XD’Emoticons are the elixir of youth online.
  7. oy vey-jay-jay
    When Not to Use the Word VajayjayWorst possible use for annoying slang term discovered.