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  1. slashies
    Serena Williams Is Adding NYFW to Her U.S. Open RoutineIt was good luck.
  2. slashies
    Gisele Has a Lingerie Line NowTo add to her list of haves: hot husband, adorable baby, overall perfection, etc.
  3. slashies
    Alexa Chung to Do a Second Madewell CollectionLaunching for fall 2011.
  4. spice up your life
    Geri ‘Ginger Spice’ Halliwell Is Designing a Swimwear LineGinger was always the enterprising one.
  5. moss files
    Kate Moss Is Rumored to Be Recording Her Own AlbumHo hum.
  6. first looks
    Lorenzo Martone’s Latest ‘Lifestyle’ Swimwear Designs Feature Lace and TasselsSome photos of the Nycked summer 2011 collection are out.
  7. slash jobs
    Watch Baptiste Giabiconi Get Chased Across an Exploding Desert by Metal-Pipe-Wielding Thugs in His Debut Music VideoWords fail us, in a good way.
  8. slashies
    Natalia Vodianova to Star Alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Belle du SeigneurRussian supermodel Natalia Vodianova continues her acting crossover.
  9. slashies
    Behold: Baptiste Giabiconi’s New Dance Single50 Cent mixed it for him!
  10. slashies
    Meet the 17-Year-Old Boy Who Escorted Madonna’s Cleavage Around Harlem for Dolce & GabbanaHe’s already a quadruple slash!
  11. slashies
    Clubby Swimwear Line Nycked Will Be the ‘Antithesis of Victoria’s Secret’Jules Kim says Lorenzo Martone was raised in swimwear — “like a little baby in a thong.”
  12. slashies
    Check Out the Bathing Suits Lorenzo Martone Designed With Jules KimThey have sequins and big floppy bows.
  13. slashies
    Karen Elson: Models Want More in Life Than to Be PrettyAnd that’s why they’re slashes.
  14. slashies
    Lorenzo Martone Is Working on a Swimwear CollectionHe’s Brazilian. He knows about these things.
  15. slashies
    Video: Olivia Palermo Is in Love! With a Slash!Who’s excited for Valentine’s Day?
  16. slashies
    Jesus Luz Now Leads Lucrative Life As a SlashThe ‘Times’ clears up everything you thought you knew about him.