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  1. tick tock
    Going to Bed Earlier Is the Key to Toppling the PatriarchyWomen are going to bed too late.
  2. best bet
    What Are the Best Earplugs for Sleeping?We talked to the sleep doctors.
  3. am i dying
    Why Does My Arm Go Numb When I Sleep?Those painful pins and needles, explained.
  4. sleep
    Can You Blame Your Birth Control for Your Insomnia?Here’s how hormones — both synthetic and natural — affect your sleep.
  5. stories
    Hillary Takes a Sweet, Sweet NapPeople said naps made you feel amazing, happy, alive. These people could never run the free world.
  6. Almost Nobody Puts Babies to Bed Safely, New Study FindsIt’s got a lot to do with what’s inside the crib.
  7. Thinking Positive Thoughts About Your Insomnia Can Help You Get Rid of ItStop watching the clock.
  8. Get Better Sleep and You’ll Like Your Relationship MoreHappiness starts in bed.
  9. Some Parts of Your Brain Are Better Than Others at Handling Sleep LossEvery sleep-deprived region of your brain is sleep-deprived in its own way.
  10. The Nap Is a Modern InventionMidday slumber: not Paleo.
  11. sweaty situations
    11 Slips to Sleep in When It’s Too Damn HotNo air-conditioning? No problem.
  12. Bad Dreams Are Like Dress Rehearsals for Your MindIt’s a way of practicing for real life, or so goes one theory.
  13. swellness
    How to Meditate When You Suck at MeditatingTry a sound bath, a new way to chill out without judgment.
  14. the strategist
    This Onesie, Created by an Exhausted Mom, Got My Baby to Sleep Through the NightOne morning, I got a text from a mom friend that read, “Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit will change your life.”
  15. 3 Convincing Scientific Reasons to Sleep NakedIf you can stomach it, there’s science here.
  16. Taking a Nap Is Like Letting Marie Kondo Loose in Your BrainScientists are one step closer to understanding why we sleep.
  17. How to Handle One Night of Insomnia: Do NothingOne sleep scientist argues that making up for a bad night’s sleep by hitting the snooze button or napping will only make things worse in the long run.
  18. A Neuroscientist Tried to Help Me Overcome My Sleep ParalysisI was skeptical.
  19. wellness theories
    Ballerina Isabella Boylston on Putting Pressure on Herself and Dining Solo“We all love what we do and take it really seriously. You judge yourself pretty harshly.”
  20. What to Do During the Day to Increase Your Chances of Lucid Dreaming at NightThis is rather Inception-like.
  21. Linda Rodin’s Demanding Sleep Regimen“I’m like an infant.”
  22. There Is No Modern Sleeplessness EpidemicAre people really sleeping fewer hours than they did in decades past?
  23. How to Set Yourself Up for the Perfect NapTip #1: There’s an ideal time of day for it.
  24. sleep
    The 5 Painless Changes I Made to Get a Better Night’s SleepYou don’t have to buy fancy sheets or throw your phone in the ocean.
  25. People Who Have More Nightmares Might Also Be More CreativeMaybe bad dreams aren’t so bad after all.
  26. wellness theories
    Lauren Bush Lauren on Queso and Babies“My body and the body of other mothers — it’s crazy and awesome.”
  27. 5 Scientifically Proven Things You Can Do to Get Better Sleep at NightNo snoozing, no TV in bed, and no drinking before you hit the hay. Nobody said this was going to be easy.
  28. Science Has Finally Weighed In on the Ideal Sleeping TemperatureScientists may have finally settled the debate, about sleeping room temperature, that tears couples apart.
  29. adult sleepovers
    You’re Not the Only One Who Can’t Sleep Your First Night in a New PlaceThe first-night effect is real.
  30. Sleeping Late Is Awesome, and People Who Do It May Be SmarterA study found that sleeping late could be better for you than rising early in the morning.
  31. atypical
    What It’s Like to Periodically Collapse and Pass Out for Several Hours“I know nothing is going to happen to me, I know I will wake up and I won’t die — but it’s so totally and utterly humiliating.”
  32. go the f*ck to sleep
    Arianna Huffington, the New Queen of Sleep, Shows Us Around Her Slumber PalaceShe offers lessons on changing your bad sleep habits.
  33. sleep
    Are Naps Actually Good for Economic Productivity?It’s a question economists have been, well, sleeping on.
  34. Cool, This Sleeping Pill Helps You Fall Asleep a Whole 6 Minutes FasterCompared to a placebo.
  35. Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Fighting the Patriarchy Is ExhaustingWomen, unsurprisingly, use more of their brain than men do.
  36. sleep
    Why Are Some Doctors Arguing for a Return to Dangerous, Exhausting Work Hours?A bad idea that won’t die.
  37. sleep
    Understanding the Origins of Sleep MunchiesA new study offers some hints about bleary-eyed gluttony.
  38. privilege
    Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People, Says StudyGroundbreaking new data.
  39. wellness
    7 Ways to Fall Asleep Without AmbienAll of them more effective than scrolling Instagram in the predawn hours.
  40. wellness theories
    Julianne Hough on Lunchables and Going to Bed Early“I know people are going to see this and be like, Who is this chick getting nine hours of sleep?”
  41. sleep
    Oh God, There Is Such a Thing As Fatal InsomniaIt’s very, very rare. But still.
  42. lunchtime beauty
    The Sleepytime Tea of Bath Oils Don’t take baths? This will make you start.
  43. sleep
    The New Year’s Resolution You Should Have PickedNot getting enough sleep has a trickle-down effect that can screw up everything else.
  44. sad science
    New Report Shows Sleep Is Harder for Women, Primarily Single Moms, No DuhTrouble sleeping? According to a new report from the CDC, you might be a woman.
  45. sleep
    High Schools Are Finally Heeding Sleep ScienceIt’s definitely healthier for teens.
  46. make it stop
    Why Do Women Have a Harder Time Sleeping Than Men?Here’s what might be going on, plus tips that could help you get some effing shut-eye for a change.
  47. matches made in heaven
    Who Needs Ambien When You Could Have Night Cheese?Milk collected at night can actually make you more relaxed.
  48. consumer psychology
    A New Study Suggests That Sleeping on a Decision Might Not Do MuchThis is a tricky thing to untangle.
  49. sleep
    This Narcolepsy Researcher Has a Narcoleptic DogActually, it’s his second narcoleptic dog.
  50. sad studies
    Study Finds New Moms Have a Right to Be CrankyInterrupted sleep turns out to be worse for your mood than limited sleep.
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