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  1. science of us
    Why People With Insomnia Wake Up Feeling Like They Never SleptIt’s possible to remain consciously aware while your brain (or parts of it, anyway) is in a sleep pattern.
  2. science of us
    How to Keep Your Social Life When You Love Going to Bed EarlyLeaving parties early makes me feel good, except when it makes me feel bad.
  3. it’s complicated
    Keeping the Romance Alive Is Tough When You Love Early BedtimesI’m the younger one in my relationship, but I have the sleep cycle of someone much, much older.
  4. science of us
    What to Do When You Worry Yourself Awake“First, stop ‘trying’ to sleep.”
  5. living with
    My Life With a Sleep Disorder That Makes Me NocturnalDelayed sleep phase disorder means going through life as a bleary-eyed zombie.
  6. science of us
    How to Function at Work As a Sleep-Deprived New ParentWhen napping under your desk isn’t an option.
  7. 10% better
    How to Get a Tiny Bit More SleepConsider your “sleep opportunity.”
  8. science of us
    ‘Insomnia Identity’: When Not Sleeping Becomes a Part of Who You AreIn a vicious cycle, calling yourself an insomniac can make sleep problems worse.
  9. science of us
    A Sleep Scientist on the Vicious Cycle of Insomnia and Sleeping PillsAnd why the current best treatment for sleeplessness is psychological, not pharmacological.
  10. science of us
    We’re in a ‘Dream Deprivation’ EpidemicA new paper is calling it a major public-health problem.
  11. science of us
    There’s No Such Thing As a Universal Symbol in DreamsThe strange scenarios your subconscious cooks up are driven by culture and individual memory as well as psychology.
  12. science of us
    Trick Yourself Into Feeling Wide Awake After a Bad Night’s SleepThe often-overlooked factors that determine whether you spend the day full of energy or feeling like a zombie.
  13. science of us
    Snoring Is an Annoyance Worth Taking More SeriouslyIt’s frustrating to toss and turn next to a soundly sleeping chain saw — and awake to see the problem get treated like a silly joke.
  14. ask a boss
    Ask a Boss: My Co-worker Has Night Terrors & We’re Sharing a Hotel Room!Try the “of course” trick.
  15. parenthood
    13 Women on What Sleep Training Feels Like“Sleep training is one of those things that sounds great in the parenting books you read before giving birth.”
  16. sleep
    It May Actually Be Possible to Learn in Your SleepThose language tapes are still a scam, though.
  17. The Disturbing Link Between Frequent Nightmares and Suicide RiskMultiple studies have found a connection between chronic bad dreams and suicide or self-harm.
  18. It’s Fine If Your Kid Doesn’t Want to Stick to a BedtimeHaving a hard deadline each night has less to do with biology and more to do with social norms.
  19. The Sleep Disorder That Makes People Hallucinate Their Own DeathWhen you often fall asleep without warning, it can be hard to distinguish between reality and the terrifying products of your imagination.
  20. i’m so tired
    When Stress Makes You Fall AsleepThe psychology and physiology of the “fear nap.”
  21. When Sleep Problems Turn Into Relationship ProblemsThere’s no way around it: You wake up more often when you share a bed.
  22. what’s that about
    How a Napping Subway Commuter’s Brain Knows When It’s Their StopAnd how you can teach yourself, if you can’t do this already.
  23. far and wide
    28 Sleeping Hacks From Salma Hayek and Other Frequent TravelersTips for fighting jet lag and more.
  24. drugstore doctor
    Will Melatonin Help With My Jet Lag?Two experts explain.
  25. sleep
    8 Sleep Experts on What to Do When You Can’t Turn Off Your Thoughts at NightWorth a try.
  26. sleep
    Your Sleep Might Start Getting Permanently Worse in Your 30sThere are all sorts of annoying bodily changes going on, proving once again that getting older is the worst.
  27. Can a Beauty Product Help You Sleep Better?Testing out pillow and hair mists and a poop-colored tea in search of a better sleep.
  28. science of us
    Here’s Why It Gets Harder to Sleep As You Get OlderEven if you do everything the sleep experts tell you to, you can’t stop time.
  29. Here’s a Weird Explanation for Why You Eat More When You’re Sleep-DeprivedYet another reason to aim for a good night’s rest.
  30. This Entire Little Town Is the Subject of One Big Study on SleepIt’s called “Chrono City.”
  31. Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, Nobody’s Getting Anything Done at Work TodayWelcome to Sleepy Monday.
  32. If You’re a Morning Person, You’re Probably a Healthier Eater, TooEarly risers have a leg up on night owls.
  33. People Are Losing Sleep Over Tracking Their SleepFixating on numbers is not the surest route to dreamland.
  34. Sleeping Through the Night Is a Relatively New InventionShorter chunks of shut-eye used to be more normal than one long, uninterrupted snooze.
  35. drugstore doctor
    Can Magnesium Help Me Sleep?Experts explain the benefits of magnesium.
  36. sleep
    Study Advises Bad Sleepers to Take to the WoodsLeave your phone at home, please.
  37. science of us
    What It Actually Means to Get a Good Night’s Sleep, by the NumbersA new report from the National Sleep Foundation outlines four criteria for measuring sleep quality.
  38. Scientists Are Studying Human Hibernation, Which Sounds Pretty Great Right NowUnfortunately for everyone else, the research is geared toward astronauts only.
  39. sleep
    An Insane Number of Teens Are Literally Losing Sleep Over Social MediaLike, waking up in the middle of the night.
  40. am i dying
    Why Do I Have Such Weird, Vivid Dreams When I’m Pregnant?It could be anxiety.
  41. wellness theories
    Sophia Bush on Ravioli and Being Sleep-DeprivedHer job sort of takes over her life.
  42. The Line Between a Safe Driver and a Dangerous One Is a Single Hour of SleepA driver who’s had six hours of shut-eye has twice the risk of crashing as someone who’s had seven.
  43. am i dying
    Why Do I Wake Up Drenched in Sweat?Maybe don’t Google it.
  44. Sleeping Off a Bad Day Makes It Harder to Forget All the Bad StuffSnoozing helps unpleasant memories to stick in your brain.
  45. To Stick to a Bedtime, Think of Sleep Like ExerciseAdvice for bedtime procrastinators.
  46. insult to injury
    Being Tired Could Be Making You Eat MorePeople who got about four hours of sleep ate a lot more the next day.
  47. This App Lets You Wake Up to Refreshing Yoga Routines Instead of Blaring AlarmsWhich seems much more ideal than a blaring alarm.
  48. Why Hitting the Snooze Button Makes Waking Up Harder Than It Needs to BeSuccessfully getting up with your alarm is an example of classical conditioning at work.
  49. It’s Possible to Be Asleep and Awake at the Same TimeSleep isn’t a binary state.
  50. sleep
    Parents Who Co-Sleep Will Hate This StudyNew research finds increased mental health problems among bed-sharing kids.
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