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Slow News Day

  1. slow news day
    Let’s Welcome Dr. Martens’ Leather Sneakers to Kristen Stewart’s ClosetThey are not boots.
  2. slow news day
    Someone Made $19,000 Gold ShoelacesSigh.
  3. money honey
    Louis Vuitton Has Ventured Into Bee-KeepingThey’ve just made their first batch of honey.
  4. slow news day
    Here Is a Shoe That Looks Like a Coffee PotNo, really.
  5. slow news day
    Here Is a Wedding Dress Made of Toilet Paper, Packing Tape, and Hot GlueA woman from Michigan won $1,000 for making it.
  6. slow news day
    So, Are JorJeggings Happening Now?They are indeed — at Bloomingdale’s, at least.
  7. slow news day
    Challenge: Listen to Andre J.’s New Song in Its EntiretyWatch out, Countess LuAnn.