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  1. 2018 midterms
    GOP Congressman Once Mourned the Good Old Days When You Could Call Women ‘Sluts’“It used to be that women were held to a little bit of a higher standard.”
  2. life according to abc’s the bachelorette
    Chris Harrison: Okay With People Having Sex on The Bachelor“I wasn’t that appalled.”
  3. slut-shaming
    A Fox News Anchor Called the Bachelorette a Slut on AirHere’s what actual slut-shaming looks like.
  4. slut-dropping-shaming
    ‘Slut-Dropping’ to Either Save or Ruin FeminismBritish English is confusing.
  5. sluts
    Study: Sluttiness Is a State of MindNot wanting to be judged doesn’t make you hard-wired for monogamy.
  6. stds
    Study: HPV Vaccine Doesn’t Make Girls More PromiscuousBecause that would be way worse than them getting cancer.