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Small Talk

  1. advice
    We Hate Small Talk Because We’re Bad at ItHere are some tips to engage in the horrifying ordeal of light conversation.
  2. code switching
    How I Learned to Small Talk With White PeopleI knew my career depended on connecting with people unlike me. Now I want to challenge them, too.
  3. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: This Song About Zach Braff Being Your DadMaybe this song sticks with me because it gets to a little tiny truth in the world: we’re trained to see the faces we love everywhere.
  4. The Secret to Small TalkThe rules of etiquette only count for so much. You also have to care about people.
  5. Your Job Interviewer Is Judging You by Your Terrible Small-Talk SkillsConcerning.
  6. science of us
    Here’s a Much-Needed Strategy for Getting Good at Small TalkStrangers: less scary than they appear.
  7. Humans Aren’t the Only Species That Suffer Through Small Talk Lemurs chitchatting with lemurs.
  8. diaries
    I Talked to Strangers for a Week, and It Did Not Go Well(Mostly.)
  9. dubious rankings
    21 Small-Talk Topics to Exhaust Before Discussing Pilates And don’t you dare mention Barre Burn. 
  10. How to Stop Stressing Over Small TalkHint: Don’t make this about you.