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  1. the cut opinion pages
    Break Your PhoneIt’s the only way to be acceptably disconnected.
  2. sex math
    Should You Really Have Sex 16,000 Times a Year?A recent New York Times op-ed says giving up your smartphone will free up enough time to do this. Should anyone … want that?
  3. the cut opinion pages
    Apps Can Take a HikeIt’s been long enough — they’re just not working out.
  4. Don’t Just Blame Phones for Car Crashes; Blame Your Loudmouth Friends and FamilyYour metacognition is going to shrink.
  5. parenthood
    My Child Has a Pacifier. I Have an iPhone.In praise of parental self-soothing.
  6. studies
    You Can Now Measure Your Level of Smartphone CodependenceIt’s a newly designed 20-item questionnaire. 
  7. Good Lord, College Women Spend 10 Hours a Day on Their Phones[Shocked emoji.]
  8. How Smartphones Could Help Treat Mental IllnessTaking better care of mentally-ill people by tracking them more closely.
  9. emoji expression
    Life Won’t Be Complete Until We Get These Emojis33 ideas for emojis we’d use regularly.