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  1. Why Newborn Babies Smell So DeliciousEspecially to their parents.
  2. Why Newborn Babies Smell So DeliciousEspecially to their parents.
  3. Just Smelling Food Could Make You Gain WeightA new study found it can convince the body to store fat instead of burn it.
  4. Use This Trick to Figure Out Whether You SmellMost of the time, your nose can’t detect your own body odor.
  5. Why You Should Teach Yourself to Be Better at SmellingHow to tap into the most underused — and least understood — of the five senses.
  6. Maybe Abercrombie Was Sort of Right About Using Smell in Its StoresA science lesson from your mall-rat past.
  7. Apartment Buildings Are Making Their Own Smells to Bring in TenantsIt’s a strategy that could easily backfire.
  8. Your Brain Remembers Strangers by Their SmellNew research argues that in some cases, body odor may be enough to pick someone out of a lineup.
  9. Movie Theaters Smell Like People’s FeelingsWhen the audience reacts, the room takes on a chemical signature.
  10. Why You Find Strangers Grosser Than Your FriendsAnd how a sweaty T-shirt helps explain group identity.
  11. eau de parfum
    Would You Pay Money to Make Your House Smell Like Cats?A bold new fragrance.
  12. smell
    New Research on Why Women Are Better SmellersAn interesting gender divide.