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  1. dreaming
    What Does It Mean If You’re Dreaming About Snakes?And why, according to dream experts, you should never ignore a snake dream.
  2. why tho
    Of Course Nicolas Cage Spent $80,000 On a Two-Headed SnakeNic Cage remains on brand.
  3. :(
    January Jones Finds Herself ‘Forced to Bludgeon Yet ANOTHER’ SnakeHer backyard is under siege by a plague of serpents.
  4. miracles
    A Celibate Snake Just Laid 7 Eggs???May this elderly, independent ball python serve as an inspiration to us all.
  5. help!!!
    Did You Know Flying Snakes Existed?Help me God.
  6. snake orgy 2020
    Ah, to Be a Snake at the Annual Snake Orgy…Florida’s freshwater coasts are reportedly covered in snakes doing it.
  7. keeping up with the royals
    Who Is Kate Middleton’s New Friend?We’re told her name is Sophie.
  8. horror
    Well, Now I’m Scared to Open My OvenA North Carolina family made a horrifying discovery when baking a pizza.
  9. travel
    There Was an Actual Snake on a PlaneThe snake flew nearly 10,000 miles, hidden in a woman’s shoe.
  10. science of us
    I Tried a Phobia Treatment That Erased My MemoriesWhat if I could get over my lifelong fear of snakes by just … forgetting about it?
  11. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift Really Knows How to Kill a JokeFor her holiday cards this year, the singer doubled down on her serpentine reputation.
  12. Oh, God, Some Snakes Hunt in PacksBad news for herpetophobes everywhere.
  13. nightmare fuel
    Spring Has Sprung for These Horny Canadian SnakesThere are 10,000 male snakes for every one female snake. Yikes.
  14. quotables
    Helen Mirren, More Hard-core Than You, Might Get a Sleeve of Snake Tattoos“I quite like snakes.”
  15. Independent Lady Snake Impregnates HerselfNo man required.
  16. trading in cliches
    22 Ways to Show Sex Without Actually Showing ItDon’t worry; they’re definitely SFW.
  17. reptiles
    Snakes on a Runway at Sydney Fashion WeekSamuel L. Jackson not in attendance.
  18. snakes
    Handbags: A Solution to Florida’s Python Problem?As snakeskin invades the runway, crafty designers want to be the first to use serpents who are currently taking over the Everglades.
  19. first look
    Chic Women Dripping in Bulgari’s Snake JewelsDiana Vreeland, Anna Dello Russo, and other women who make us wish we owned a serpent or two.
  20. burning questions
    Nine Questions We Have After Watching Stephanie LaCava’s Book TrailerWhat is this book even about?
  21. holidaze
    Bulgari’s Giant, Light-Up Snake Invades New YorkLike holiday decorating, but on steroids.