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  1. bad haircuts
    Tina Fey Understands Your Regrettable Haircut. She Had Three of Them in One Day.“You know what you need for that haircut? Jane Fonda’s face.”
  2. SNL’s Hillary Woos Millennials by Being BernieFeel the Bern. For her.
  3. SNL Creates a Perfect Imperfect Feminist Anthem“Tell us if we handled it all wrong.”
  4. SNL Tries to Teach Women to Be Pickup ArtistsMelissa McCarthy wasn’t teachable.
  5. SNL Addressed Feminism, Bernie, and Millennial VotersHillary knows she can’t make you love her.
  6. Hansel and Zoolander Talk Politics (and Fashion) on SNLThey love Trump’s signature looks.
  7. See SNL’s Take on the New BarbieKate McKinnon’s Sturdy Barbie is just what we need.
  8. funny because it’s true
    SNL’s ‘Meet Your Second Wife’ Is Too RealSend this video to your divorced friends, male or female.
  9. goals
    Watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Save the Word ‘Squad’Bonus: an appearance by Amy Schumer with nunchucks.
  10. squad goals
    Tina Fey and Friends on the Topic of #Squadgoals“We all know each other’s voices and rhythms.”  
  11. time capsule
    ‘Basted in Blood’: Your New Lilith Fair Holiday JamHappy Thanksgiving, from the ’90s!
  12. bravery
    SNL, a Generous Show, Lets Women Say What They MeanAn important social experiment in bravery.
  13. reunions
    SNL Women Convene to Discuss Naps, Mom JeansMaya Rudolph, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Ana Gasteyer, Tina Fey — oh my. 
  14. Ladies, Here’s How to Stay Entertained During the Super BowlTotino’s Super Bowl Activity Kit for grown women over the age of 5!
  15. my kevins
    Selena Gomez Supposedly Enjoyed Bieber Spoof She laughs louder than all of us.
  16. my kevins
    SNL’s Spoof of Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad Is Eerily Realistic “Yo, my peepee’s in there.”
  17. watch
    Can Nicki Minaj Be on SNL Every Week?She nailed Beyoncé and Kim.
  18. kindly drama
    Here Is SNL’s Riveting Soap Opera About Kind WomenDosing each other with Emergen-C.
  19. fired up ready to go
    The Moral of the Story: If You Get Fired, Throw a Pizza Party Jenny Slate continues to drop good advice. 
  20. dating advice
    The Women of SNL on Workplace RomanceSound advice. 
  21. icymi
    Watch: ‘Dongs All Over the World’ on SNLStarring Anna Kendrick’s rapper alter ego.
  22. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Brooks Wheelan, SNL Sleeper HottieUnderutilized, over-tingly.
  23. SNL Auditioned Black Female Cast MembersFinally. 
  24. faces of things
    Gaga’s Versace Campaign All But Confirmed on SNLNothing says “endorsement” like simulated oral sex.
  25. male gaze
    Male Gaze: The Men of SNL Have Serious Moves“Shake that sack.”
  26. michelle or miley?
    People Thought Michele Bachmann Really Twerked on SNLDid they really?
  27. hairy situations
    Twitter Thinks Miley Cyrus Is Hotter With Michele Bachmann HairAfter Saturday Night Live, people are confused by why they suddenly find Bachmann hot.
  28. watch
    Meet NuvaBling, the Diamond-Encrusted Birth Control DeviceOuch.
  29. beauty marks
    Tattooed Tom Cruise Covers W; SNL Spoofs the Tanaholic MomPlus, Kris Jenner says her facelift doesn’t tarnish her ability to shill beauty products.
  30. awards
    Bill Hader Would Totally Do a Stefon Bit at the CFDA AwardsThe fashion crowd would freak out.
  31. la vida lohan
    To Discuss: Lindsay Lohan’s Non-Disastrous SNL OutfitsLike her performance, they were just okay, but far from terrible.
  32. princesses!!!
    How Did You Like SNL’s Kate and Pippa Spoof?Katy Perry played Pippa.