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So Carine

  1. Carine Roitfeld Wears a Comme des Garçons Vest Like a BabyBjörnObviously, it looks incredible.
  2. Carine Insists She and Anna Aren’t Rivals“I think she’s very special.”
  3. carine!
    Carine Roitfeld Already Making Apologies for Her Forthcoming Beauty LineThe products are trademarked under the name “Forgive Me.”
  4. carine!
    Rumor Mill: Roitfeld to Make Perfume?The sweet smell of Carine.
  5. look book
    The Carine Roitfeld Look BookLooking back at the edgy Parisian editor’s wardrobe through the years.
  6. so carine
    Carine Roitfeld Looks Tired on PurposeSoon you can too.
  7. book it
    Preview Karl & Carine’s New BookModels and celebrities wear a classic black Chanel jacket.
  8. so carine
    Carine Roitfeld Book Preview: ‘Fashion Isn’t As Much Fun As It Once Was’See images from the beautiful new book showcasing Carine’s best photo shoots and even a little of her personal life.