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So Cold

  1. The 5 Things You Need to Make Winter Suck LessYes, it’s 85 degrees out now — but it won’t be forever.
  2. brrr
    Air-Conditioning Really Is a Sexist Conspiracy It turns out most office thermostats are calibrated with the comfort of a 40-year-old man in mind.
  3. look of the day
    Orlando Bloom Wore a Sleeping Bag OutsideToasty!
  4. look of the day
    Rihanna Wore a Varsity Jacket–Blanket Poncho A two-in-one. 
  5. brain-dead fortnight
    18 Celebrities Bundled Up Beyond RecognitionWho knew they even went outside during the wintertime?
  6. fun with gifs
    Rihanna and Cara React to Tonight’s ForecastEEEEEEEEK.
  7. interviews
    Meet Jynne Dilling Martin, the Poet at the End of the WorldShe’s the Antarctic artist-in-residence.