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Sochi Olympics 2014

  1. superlatives
    The Best and Worst of Olympic Figure Skating Costumes Prince tributes, fake tuxedos, and a pantsuit Hillary Clinton would adore.
  2. let’s get weir
    Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski Are Gold MedalistsNot in figure skating, but in highlights and friendship.
  3. men with hair
    The Best Men’s Hair at the Olympics Hair force won.
  4. fancy pants
    Norwegian Curling Team Has Fancy-Pants Crisis Replaces Russian missile crisis as most notable Russian crisis.
  5. curling is my cardio
    I Tried Curling to See If It’s Really a WorkoutCalorie-burning with a broomstick.
  6. let’s get weir
    Johnny Weir’s Sochi Tour of Amazingness Lives OnA weekend of looks, a volume of statements.
  7. sochi problems
    Shoshi Games Takes Girls’ Shoshanna to the OlympicsIt’s an ode to Zosia Mamet’s glorious facial expressions.
  8. it’s new booty
    Big-Butted Olympians Have Problems With Denim A harrowing account of too much booty.
  9. political statement necklaces
    Johnny Weir Wears Big Ol’ Statement Necklace at SochiDear Putin, Up yours. XO, Johnny Weir.
  10. men on ice
    Q&A: Brian Boitano on Going to Sochi, DecoratingOn the eve of the opening ceremony.