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Social Contagion

  1. mental health
    The Strange, Contagious History of BulimiaThe physician who wrote the first case report in the 1970s believes it was, at least in part, a social contagion.
  2. social contagion
    Ask Sinbad About How False Memories SpreadThis one gets weird.
  3. social contagion
    Please, Tell All Your Friends That You’re VotingBecause democracy really is contagious.
  4. Turns Out That the Ice Bucket Challenge Was a Hugely Effective Bonding RitualAnd the effects are lasting.
  5. love bites
    You’re 75 Percent More Likely to Get Divorced If Your Friends DivorceEnding your relationship seems like a better idea once your friend’s ended hers. 
  6. Blame Your Friends for Your Devotion to Bogus Fitness Fads Health behaviors spread through a social network like a contagion, one psychologist says.