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Social Norms

  1. Pretending to Be Busy Is a Status SymbolWhether or not you actually have a lot going on matters less than seeming like you do.
  2. social norms
    On the Social Function of NoobsEveryone starts out a beginner, but not everyone stays a noob.
  3. Telling People to Be Less Racist Online Works, SometimesA new study demonstrates, once again, the power of social norms to shape behavior for the better.
  4. A Brief Guide to Convincing Total Strangers to Do Your BiddingIt’s easier than you probably expect.
  5. bullying
    Want to End Bullying? Get the Popular Students to HelpAn impressive new study points the way toward anti-bullying programs that actually reduce bullying.
  6. We Need a Stronger Stigma Against Drowsy DrivingIt can be just as bad as drunk driving, and yet people aren’t ashamed to do it.