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  1. You Will Probably Refuse, But I Wonder If You Would Read This PostFour magic words that get people to think doing the thing you want them to do was their idea.
  2. Helpful Study Finds That Your Face Is Why You Had No Friends in High SchoolNo, it’s not resting bitchface.
  3. millennials
    The Myth of the Millennial Monolith Strikes AgainIt is making it harder for us to understand basic questions like why so few millennials are buying homes.
  4. A Terrorism Researcher Makes the Case for HopeRight now it seems like ISIS is taking over the world, but some perspective is useful.
  5. introversion
    Introvert Hangovers Can Be Really RoughApparently, some people get physically ill from talking to others too much.
  6. Like Tiny Godfathers, Toddlers Keep Track of Who Owes Them Favors“Someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me.”
  7. How a 1970s Psychology Study Explains The BacheloretteAnd all of the show’s insane date activities.
  8. Bad First Impressions Are Hard to Shake Because People Are LazyIt’s a lot tougher to make someone like you than it is to change their mind for the worse.
  9. rumors
    How Hopeless Should We Feel About Internet Rumormongering?In the long run, there could be a way to shape social norms so people think twice before retweeting crazy stuff.
  10. How to Suck Up Without Being Obvious About ItThe secret to successful schmoozing.
  11. social psychology
    Psych Researchers Might Have an Amazon Mechanical-Turk Problem on Their HandsThey’ve become really, really reliant on a service that wasn’t originally set up for the purpose of running experiments.
  12. social psychology
    How to Deal With the Eye-Contact Awkwardness of Long Hallways and StreetsA simple tip for awkward humans.
  13. A Brief Guide to Convincing Total Strangers to Do Your BiddingIt’s easier than you probably expect.
  14. Half of Your Friends Probably Don’t Think of You As a FriendA sad little study on “reciprocal friendships.” Or, um, lack thereof.
  15. Here’s an Overhyped Study About Video-Game Violence and MisogynySometimes the headline doesn’t match what was actually published.
  16. pop psychology
    Staying In Is Not the New Going OutThe new going out is… still going out.
  17. Donald Trump
    3 Insights About Donald Trump’s Constant LyingThere are some fascinating reasons why he gets away with it.
  18. Peeple
    Peeple, the ‘Yelp for People’ App That Terrified Everyone, Launches MondayGuess the public outcry didn’t work.
  19. What Makes Swearing So Damn Satisfying, Anyway?A brief exploration.
  20. The Little-Known Medical History of HomesicknessIt was thought to be a dangerous, even potentially fatal, illness for many years.
  21. free advice
    About That Thing That’s Bugging You — What Happens If You Ignored It?A thought experiment.
  22. social psychology
    Tired of Small Talk? Try Medium TalkThe key is to go just a little bit negative.
  23. social psychology
    Twitter Fights Are Like Eating All the Brownies“These people have me all wrong! I have to defend myself, prove to the community that I’m better and smarter than they say I am!”
  24. social psychology
    Why We All Fall for Con ArtistsYou think you’re too smart to fall for a con artist. You probably aren’t.
  25. bullying
    Want to End Bullying? Get the Popular Students to HelpAn impressive new study points the way toward anti-bullying programs that actually reduce bullying.
  26. neuroscience
    How Popular People’s Brains Are DifferentThere seems to be a self-perpetuating aspect to being one of the cool kids.
  27. medicine
    Rudeness in Medical Settings Could Kill PatientsA recent study paints a grim picture of what rudeness does to doctors’ and nurses’ performance.
  28. social psychology
    It Is Impossible to Stop Comparing Yourself to Your PeersSocial comparison is a hardwired human tendency, so you may as well learn to use it to your advantage.
  29. tech
    How to Protect Yourself From Peeple, the ‘Yelp for People’ AppA deep naïveté about the realities of the online world seems to be at work here.
  30. twitter
    People Tweet More Egocentrically From Their PhonesA new study tracks some interesting differences between web and mobile tweeting.
  31. social psychology
    Hear an Exclusive Clip From NPR’s New Social-Science PodcastAll about the thrill of the almost-victory.
  32. me me me
    You Are Probably Pretty Self-Centered, But So Is Everyone ElseA behavioral scientist on how you see you versus how everyone else sees you. 
  33. fail
    A Field Guide to Dwelling on Your FailuresMoving on as quickly as possible isn’t necessarily the best strategy.
  34. social psychology
    Here’s a Good Reason to Be Wary of Overly Polite PeopleThey have sinister ulterior motives, this study says. 
  35. social psychology
    A Third of Americans Have Never Met Their NeighborsAnd the psychological case for introducing yourself. 
  36. social psychology
    How Suppressing Your Emotions Might Make You Less LikableSometimes, social psychologists use the fake-orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally in their research.
  37. relationships
    Will Science Ever Be Able to Explain Love?“A manual provided us with a vocabulary to demystify and contain some of the scary things that go on in love.”
  38. babies
    How to Make a Baby LaughAnd one scientist’s theory on why it matters.
  39. friendship
    Science Assures It’s Fine to Have Fewer Friends in Your 30sIt’s the quality, not quantity, of your friendships at this life stage that matters. 
  40. friendship
    A New Study Explains Why You and Your 7th-Grade Best Friend Drifted ApartGood news: It’s not because you’re weird.
  41. social psychology
    If Daniel Kahneman Had a Magic Wand He’d Rid the Human Race of Overconfidence Overestimating one’s own skills creates a false sense of security. 
  42. social psychology
    Why Lonely People Stay LonelyIt’s not because they don’t understand social skills.
  43. q&a
    Phillip Zimbardo on the New Film About Him“It is like opening a wound from 44 years ago.”
  44. vegetarianism
    The 4 Ways People Rationalize Eating MeatAnd clues about how to get them to cut down.
  45. race
    The Psychological Advantages of Strongly Identifying As BiracialIt might pay to embrace multiple identities at once.
  46. sexual assault
    What a New Survey Can — and Can’t — Tell Us About Campus Sexual AssaultWhy it’s so hard to get solid numbers.
  47. social psychology
    This Is Why You’re Terrible With NamesIt’s called the baker/Baker effect. 
  48. appetite
    More Proof That Gluttony (and Restraint) Are ContagiousA new rundown of studies shows that your best bet for eating less may be to dine with friends who can control themselves.
  49. 5 Important Facts About Young ISIS RecruitsA veteran anthropologist of radical movements holds court at the U.N.
  50. first impressions
    This Simpsons Matrix Will Help You Make Better First ImpressionsDon’t Burns yourself with a cold approach.
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