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  1. march for science
    Of Course Social Scientists Should Participate in the March for ScienceA psychologist argues that social science is too wrought with its own problems at the moment, but that argument doesn’t make sense.
  2. everyday sexism
    After the Election, Men Became More Aggressive When Negotiating With WomenA new study showcases the trend.
  3. replication crisis
    Inside Psychology’s ‘Methodological Terrorism’ DebateA seemingly obscure debate about etiquette contains some big questions about the future of social science.
  4. bad science
    Why It Took Social Science Years to Correct a Simple Error About ‘Psychoticism’“This guy comes up — and I didn’t even recognize him at the time — and says, You tried to destroy my dissertation and I’m going to get you.
  5. Confirming Your Worst Fears, New Study Shows Most of Your Friends Don’t Like YouAlmost half of what people consider friendships are not reciprocated, according to a new study.
  6. Behind the Scenes of an Audaciously Ambitious Social-Science ProjectNYU scientists want to track 10,000 New Yorkers for 20 years.
  7. books
    Why Some of the Worst Attacks on Social Science Have Come From LiberalsGalileo’s Middle Finger is one of the most important social-science books of 2015 because of how thoroughly it punctures liberal smugness about science.
  8. michael lacour
    Is Social Science a Giant Liberal Conspiracy?It obviously is, opines The Wall Street Journal in the wake of the Michael Lacour scandal.
  9. social science
    Will Academia Waste the Michael LaCour Scandal?Social scientists have two choices for how to respond to this scandal. One is easy; the other’s right.
  10. political psychology
    Do Your Genes Make You a Democrat?Interesting new research suggests genes help explain our political beliefs — but let’s not get carried away.
  11. Don’t Blame Facebook for Wasting Your Free TimeA social media break might not do what you think it’ll do. 
  12. One Reason Drivers Love to Hate CyclistsBecause they’re upending traffic conventions, darn it!
  13. Veterans Who Killed in Combat Struggled Less With Alcohol AfterSometimes people bounce back from trauma.
  14. Marriage and Fatherhood Aren’t Anti-Rape ToolsShadows don’t cause good weather, and being single doesn’t cause rape.
  15. The Important Science of Adorable Dancing BabiesI mean, what else do you have going on right now?
  16. Being Ignored at Work Is the WorstIt’s more harmful to your well-being than being bullied.
  17. It’s Too Late. Exclamation Marks Are Unstoppable NowWhat was once reserved for joy or excitement is now simply polite. 
  18. Why We Enjoy Chili Peppers and Gruesome MoviesIt’s all about feeling safe and threatened at the same time.
  19. It Hurts More to Be Obese in Skinny PlacesObese people report less of a dip in life satisfaction when they are surrounded by other obese people.
  20. Blame Your Friends for Your Devotion to Bogus Fitness Fads Health behaviors spread through a social network like a contagion, one psychologist says.
  21. Peer Pressure Might Have an Expiration DateIn one new study, it’s three days.
  22. What Emoticons Reveal About How We See EmotionDo you look for happiness in the eyes or smile?
  23. Your Vacation Is About to Disappoint YouResearch shows that the benefits of extended time off fade astonishingly fast.
  24. Overweight Political Candidates Get Fewer VotesFemale candidates are punished more than males ones for being overweight, of course.
  25. BuzzFeed Probably Shouldn’t Have Published Its Journalism Salary SurveyBuzzFeed deserves credit for tackling a controversial subject shrouded in mystery, but its survey is too flawed to be of much use.