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  1. socializing
    Sea otters in the wild
    Why Is Eye Contact So Awkward for Some People?One person’s friendly gaze can be another’s excruciating stare.
  2. advice
    Two woman are in a riveting conversation as they enjoy an alfresco breakfast
    How to Keep a Conversation GoingTalking is hard! And while small talk is valuable, it only goes so far. Here are 12 tips and tricks to get past the awkward silences.
  3. resolutions
    This Year, I’m Going to Plan LessI’ve discovered the magic of spontaneously “swinging by” and I’m not going back.
  4. sober questioning
    Sober Questioning: ‘I Feel Weird Not Ordering Wine With My Mom Friends’If anyone is showing a persistent, direct interest in whether or not you’re drinking, they are the weird one.
  5. the future
    I’ll Meet You AnywhereEventually, friendship will be expansive again.
  6. socializing in 2021
    I Forgot How to Hang OutWhy are our socially distant interactions so exhausting?
  7. night life
    Secret Mask-Free Parties Are Cropping Up in New YorkSome young people are flocking to clubs, hotels, and rooftops for dance parties with little social distancing.
  8. tips
    How to Get Out of Any Party ConversationA helpful guide.
  9. rich people trends
    The Rise of Outlandish ‘Mommy Clubs’ that Kate Middleton May JoinTallying up the strange amenities and crazy costs at the U.K.’s new (child-friendly) social hubs.