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Solar Eclipse 2017

  1. vision
    This Woman Is Living Your Worst Eclipse NightmareShe used the wrong glasses to look at the eclipse.
  2. politics
    Steve Mnuchin Says He Wasn’t Interested in the Eclipse Because He’s a New YorkerThe Treasury Secretary was responding to claims that he used a government plane for prime eclipse viewing.
  3. palace intrigue
    Trump Official’s Kentucky Trip Under Investigation for Convenient Eclipse TimingMnuchin and Linton may have timed their trip to Kentucky a little too well.
  4. solar eclipse 2017
    Please Enjoy These Photos of Politicians Awkwardly Watching the EclipseTrump seems to be the only one who dared to risk staring at the sun without eclipse glasses.
  5. sex
    People Are Really Desperate to Have Eclipse Sex“I don’t want to go blind. So let’s spend the few hours getting our freak on.”
  6. out of office
    How to Get Out of Work to Watch the Solar EclipseYour boss might be wondering where you are between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Here’s what you can tell her.
  7. solar eclipse 2017
    Eclipse Glasses Are the Most Coveted Accessory Right NowLonger lines than a Supreme drop.
  8. solar eclipse 2017
    This Man Makes a Solid Case for Avoiding the EclipseLou Tomososki has had vision problems since he looked at a partial eclipse without protection in 1962.
  9. actually good news
    Bonnie Tyler Will Perform ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ During the EclipseAnd we need this now tonight, and we need this more than ever.