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  1. are u coming?
    It’s an Actual NYC Frat Party“Picture a frat basement if it had an insecurity about being a New Yorker.”
  2. power
    Here’s What Bama Rush Is Really Like“If someone had asked me at the time if I was hazed, I would have said no. It was just so normalized.”
  3. power
    The Truth About Bama Rush Is Hiding in Plain SightIt isn’t an accident that nearly all the women participating are white.
  4. roll tide?
    Time to Get Invested in Bama RushThe University of Alabama’s sorority rush week has taken over TikTok.
  5. campus life
    The Sorority That Tried to Abolish ItselfHow the anti-Greek life movement upended Zeta Tau Alpha at Northwestern.
  6. 8 Sorority Women on What It’s Like to Go Through Recruitment“It’s a lot of pressure to go into every day feeling like you have to be 100 percent.”
  7. scams
    This Former Sorority Girl Was Jailed for Scamming Gamma Phi Beta Out of $500KMore like Scam-ma Phi Beta.
  8. wooooooo
    These Are the Winners of the Sorority-Recruitment Video OlympicsFind out who took home the gold.
  9. please make it stop
    This Sorority Video Will Haunt You for Years to ComeThis is an actual nightmare.
  10. greek life
    How to Stop Rape: Let Sororities Host the Parties?“It’s the home-court advantage,” says one sister.
  11. lessons
    Sororities: Teaching That Life Has Hidden CostsPractical lessons. 
  12. bacon hazing
    What Is This Bacon Hazing Thing That Got a Sorority Banned?Another UConn sorority in trouble for meat-related hazing. 
  13. misandry
    Frat Bros in Lingerie Eat Dog Treats: Friday Night at a UConn SororityForced to don body paint, as well.  
  14. future stepford wives
    Sororities, Ranked by HotnessIf by “hotness” you mean sameness.
  15. review
    Robin Givhan: Rick Owens’s Powerful Rejection of Conventional BeautyHe proves how interesting fashion can be when a designer deviates from the status quo.
  16. sisterhood of the travelling email
    Infamous E-mail-Ranting Sorority Girl ResignsDelta Gamma loses its angriest sister.
  17. sorority girls
    Watch a Psycho Barbie Reenact That Sorority E-mailDelta Gamma freak-out gets better.
  18. Lean the F-ck In: If Sheryl Sandberg Wrote Delta Gamma’s Sorority RantIf Sheryl Sandberg had written the angry Delta Gamma e-mail.
  19. mean girls
    The Greatest Sorority Freak-out E-mail Ever“Sigma Nu is not going to hang out if we F*CKING SUCK.”
  20. both sides of a love story
    True Stories: She’s Marrying Her Sorority Sister“I know, it’s the stuff wet dreams are made of.”
  21. racist costumes
    Penn State Sorority’s Mexican Fiesta BackfiresWhy is it so hard for us to not dress up as other races or nationalities?