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Sorority Girls

  1. 8 Sorority Women on What It’s Like to Go Through Recruitment“It’s a lot of pressure to go into every day feeling like you have to be 100 percent.”
  2. crime
    Sorority Girl Sentenced to Life in Prison for Killing BabyShe suffocated her newborn in a trash bag.
  3. what is even happening
    Here’s Hoping This Sorority Rant on Race Is Fake“Reasons black women do not and will not get bids.”
  4. It’s Fall, and the Scream Queens Have Pumpkin Spice Latte RageThe most evil moments from last night’s premiere of Scream Queens.
  5. extended 15 minutes of fame
    Deranged Sorority Sister Is Writing a NovelWait. Did anybody ask for this?
  6. true callings
    Sorority Sister Who Sent Berserk E-Mail Is Back As Female BroIt all makes so much sense now. 
  7. sisterhood of the travelling email
    Infamous E-mail-Ranting Sorority Girl ResignsDelta Gamma loses its angriest sister.
  8. sorority girls
    Watch a Psycho Barbie Reenact That Sorority E-mailDelta Gamma freak-out gets better.
  9. mean girls
    The Greatest Sorority Freak-out E-mail Ever“Sigma Nu is not going to hang out if we F*CKING SUCK.”
  10. both sides of a love story
    True Stories: She’s Marrying Her Sorority Sister“I know, it’s the stuff wet dreams are made of.”
  11. head for the hills
    Lauren Conrad Taps Into Her Favored Market: Sorority GirlsLast weekend marked the last stop of her national college tour, where she sent 300 Bostonians into a tizzy with her appearance.