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Sorry Not Sorry

  1. sorry not sorry
    Naya Rivera Says She Once Caught Ariana Grande Sitting on Big Sean’s CouchSomeone whose name “rhymes with Smariana Schmande” may have played a role in her broken engagement.
  2. like are you for real
    There’s an App to Get You to, Like, Talk BetterPolicing women’s speech pattern’s: Now in app form.
  3. sorry not sorry
    Natasha Lyonne Really Gets Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry’While Jon Hamm appears befuddled and Elisabeth Moss pours her heart out.
  4. women in comedy
    Hark, a Clueless Millennial Tries to Teach the Value of Sorry Not SorryA blessing and a curse to say sorry then not sorry.
  5. emails from a man
    Run a Man’s Email Through the Not Sorry Plug-InSurely the men could use some help with their emails, too.