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  1. swellness
    I Tried Peoplehood, ‘a Workout for Your Relationships’Inside Manhattan’s new social club–slash–support group from the founders of SoulCycle.
  2. lawsuits
    SoulCycle Is Facing Accusations of ‘Blatant Pregnancy Discrimination’A former executive says she was demoted and then fired after disclosing she was pregnant.
  3. rich people
    So, How Did Those Much-Protested Trump Fundraisers Go?The president’s reelection campaign raked in $12 million at two separate events in the Hamptons, including a lunch hosted by the founder of Equinox.
  4. sorry
    Unfortunately All These Millennial Brands Have to Be Canceled TooWe’re afraid it’s not just SoulCycle and Equinox.
  5. boycotts
    People Are Rushing to Cancel Their Equinox MembershipsAfter news broke that the company’s owner was hosting a lavish fundraiser for Trump.
  6. politics
    The Owner of SoulCycle and Equinox Is Throwing a Fancy Trump FundraiserTo the dismay of many fans of the gym chain and stationary-bicycle lifestyle cult.
  7. let’s get physical
    7 Workouts Worth Suffering Through for the Beauty ProductsNothing like the sweet, sweet smell of Chanel moisturizer you didn’t have to buy.
  8. wellness theories
    When Kelsea Ballerini Isn’t Working Out to EDM, She’s Eating Chick-fil-A“When I take care of myself, I’m just better: I’m better as an artist and a person.”
  9. beybies
    Of Course Beyoncé Is Kicking Ass at SoulCycle a Month After Giving BirthShe and Jay-Z have been going together.
  10. drama
    Charlize Theron Finally Speaks Out About Tia Mowry SoulCycle Drama, Thank God“I’m not an eye-roller, but I would be like ‘F*ck off.’”
  11. bathtime
    Oprah Served As a Tester for a SoulCycle Instructor’s New Bath LineTough job.
  12. Vanessa Hudgens Spit Up Truffles at SoulCycleIt’s true.
  13. A Woman Is Suing SoulCycle After She Claims She Was Impaled on a BikeShe claims no one could hear her screaming over the music.
  14. wellness theories
    Why You Should Eat a Cookie Before Your WorkoutReally. And not fake cookies either.
  15. mtv video music awards 2016
    You Will Never Escape SoulCycleAriana Grande performed an exercise class at the VMAs.
  16. young love
    Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham Can’t Stop Working OutThe teen couple went on a boxing “date.”
  17. law suit
    This Woman Is Suing SoulCycleShe states that her instructor “called her out,” causing her to pedal faster and injure herself.
  18. beautiful dirty rich
    The Roving Sex Party Coming to the Hamptons This SummerAnd East End’s imminent SoulCycle drama, as predicted by Wednesday Martin.
  19. wellness theories
    Lauren Bush Lauren on Queso and Babies“My body and the body of other mothers — it’s crazy and awesome.”
  20. exercise diaries
    Christie Brinkley Wants to Race YouShe can’t get enough of working out against strangers.
  21. the exercist
    How I Found Love in a Sweaty Hole-in-the-WallAn ode to SoulCycle.
  22. aspirations
    Kimmy Schmidt Isn’t Banned From SoulCycle YetEllie Kemper “does it like a fiend.”
  23. video
    Watch Pam Anderson Join a Creepy Wellness Cult in New Short FilmSagging skin, green smoothies, Los Angeles — is this a horror movie or a documentary?
  24. video
    Khloé Kardashian Is the Loud Annoying Girl in SoulCycle ClassWe get it, you know all the words to “Countdown.”
  25. unlikely duos
    Target’s New Collab Is Going to Crash SoulCycle’s Website Instead of Its OwnBrace the servers. 
  26. fundraisers
    For Just $2,700 You Can Take a SoulCycle Class With Chelsea ClintonWhat a steal.
  27. frenching
    How the French Perceive American BeautyOne Parisienne explains.
  28. an american in paris
    In France, Spin Class Is a Laid-back ExperienceAnd it comes with Evian. 
  29. wellness theories
    A Pregnant Supermodel Explains What She Eats“Don’t be afraid of the fat.”
  30. advice
    Help Me Become the Least-Smelly Person AroundWhat to do if you’re suffering from deodorant paranoia.
  31. look of the day
    Anne Hathaway Wore Enthusiastic Cycling GearA devotion to cult fitness.
  32. fitness
    SoulCycle Plans Its Continued ConquestThe fitness cult’s founders have their eyes on Riccardo Tisci collaborations and London real estate.
  33. cults
    The FLOTUS Enjoys Workout Cults As Much As You DoMaybe she’ll try Barry’s next!
  34. cults
    SoulCycle Promotes Bloodlust Among RidersRide (in front) or die.
  35. diets
    I Tried Taylor Swift’s Diet and It Was a JoyEven with all the Pumpkin Spice Lattes.
  36. spinning
    Meet the New SoulCycle CompetitorsGive these a spin.
  37. birthdays
    You Don’t Have to Be Oprah to Torture Your FriendsSoulCycle birthdays for everyone.
  38. spin cycle
    Oprah Just Had the Best Birthday Experience EverOprah’s soul goes to SoulCycle.
  39. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Akin Akman, the Reason to Find Your Soul SoulCycle instructor by day, Wilhelmina model by er, all the other times.
  40. fragrant friday
    The Marlene Dietrich of FragrancesThe androgynous scent that stood up to 60-plus SoulCyclers. 
  41. cults
    SoulCycle Will Soon Take Even More of Your MoneyYou just can’t help it.
  42. true love
    To Discuss: Jake Gyllenhaal, Alyssa Miller, and the Gym Date PhaseHe took his latest model girlfriend, Alyssa Miller, to Barry’s Bootcamp.
  43. sexy exercise
    Jake Gyllenhaal Is a SoulCycle Teacher’s PetHe has a SoulCycle girlfriend.
  44. sweaty linings playbook
    Bradley Cooper’s Abs Terrorize SoulCycle ClassThe cult claims another soul.
  45. self-help
    The Carefully Cultivated Soul of SoulCycle“Come on, you sexy spin bitches.”
  46. working out
    The Cut Works Out With Hilary RhodaThe model shows us her daily gym routine (and it ain’t easy).
  47. loose threads
    SoulCycle’s Nail Polish; Yoko Ono for SwarovskiPlus, Elizabeth Olsen has pink hair on the cover of Bullett magazine.