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Sparkly Things

  1. finer things
    The Most Glamorous Way to Cinch Your WaistJazz up your jeans.
  2. best bet
    These Super-Sparkly Heels Are a Surprisingly Versatile Spring Wardrobe AdditionA marriage of classic Italian drama and youth culture, courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana.
  3. Glitter: The Best Way to Destroy Your EnemiesGlitter! Glitter! Muahahaha.
  4. sparkly things
    Charlize Theron and Sean Penn: Possibly Ready to Do MarriageAn engagement ring was spotted. 
  5. i want diamonds
    Beyoncé Wore $10 Million in Diamonds to the GrammysAnd $0 in pants.
  6. sparkly things
    Givenchy Sequined Face Masks Took How Long to Make?Models are so good at sitting still.
  7. Gucci Pushes Sparkly Golden Pajamas for ResortDazzle your yacht mates with gleaming culottes!
  8. best bets
    Best Bet: Three Floor Crazy Paris TopA street-style favorite that doesn’t require designer connections.
  9. pull it together
    Outfit of the Week: High-Shine SeafarerStripes, navy wool, and silvery accents for the maritime girl.
  10. sparkly things
    Judy Garland’s Ruby Slippers Expected to Go for $2 Million at AuctionSounds like a steal. Really!