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  1. explainers
    Where to Shvitz in New YorkA guide to navigating the city’s (and North Jersey’s) baths, onsens, and 24-hour K-spas.
  2. best of new york 2019
    The Best of New York Health and Self 2019A nonjudgmental gym, Portuguese soap, and a throwback manicure.
  3. best bets
    Nashville Novelties, Reasonably Priced Cashmere, and a High-Tech Tribeca SpaWhat’s new in New York stores.
  4. l’amour
    Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix Reportedly Find Love at Colonic SpaWell, here’s a fun rumor!
  5. frenching
    What Hanging Out With Naked Parisians Taught Me About the Perfect BodyIt’s all going to be okay.
  6. self care
    Who Among Us Has Not Enjoyed Themselves at the Spa Like Justin Bieber?We’ve all been there.
  7. my way or the highway
    One Burger King Wants You to Have It Your Way, So It Became a SpaYour meat-sweats problem solved. 
  8. new things
    The Armani Spa Is Coming to New YorkGet slathered with $400 moisturizer. 
  9. frenching
    What I Learned From My 11-Step French Head MassageSorry, here’s another thing the French do better.
  10. truth in beauty
    Spas Aren’t Only About Beauty, Vanity, or Fun. They’re Also About Grief.Bathed in tears, we all found relief.
  11. wellness theories
    Viola Davis on Redefining BeautyThe actress talks about wellness, vulnerability, and “strong black woman disease.”
  12. let’s go to the spa
    There’s Going to Be a Chanel Spa in Paris SoonAnd it will surely become the world’s most Instagrammed spa. 
  13. mood elevators
    Find Your Happy Place in the ShowerHot, but not bothered.
  14. interview
    Gabrielle Union on Massages and Chipped Nail PolishBring it on.
  15. pampered lady parts
    There Now Exists a Vagina FacialFor vaginas that just need to relax. 
  16. user’s guides
    Going to an Italian Spa? Prepare for Second-Base ActionExpect a very thorough rubdown — and other pointers for novice spagoers.
  17. the dedicated
    The Spa Treatment That Turns You Into an HeiressAt least for 90 minutes.
  18. loose threads
    Chanel to Show in Scotland; Town & Country Names New PublisherAnd here’s Kate Hudson in ads for Ann Taylor.
  19. beauty marks
    Robert Pattinson Finally Uses Gel in His Hair; Nick Arrojo Lands His Own Reality ShowAnd Prell’s newest spokesperson is Alexa Ray Joel.
  20. panic-demics
    Spa Treatments Cashing In on Swine FluCan an immune-boosting facial substitute for a vaccine?
  21. beauty bah humbug
    Spas Go Into Holiday Overdrive’Tis the season when every spa renames its services to Merry this and Twinkle that.
  22. best bets
    Best Bet: Sunday BestLounge by the pool, work out, and get a massage or facial, all in one package deal.
  23. beauty marks
    Bird-Poop Facials Are Only $50 During Spa WeekIf you’re going to spread bird poop on your face, you might as well save $130 while doing it.
  24. whack jobs
    The Latest Spa Craze: Snake MassagesThey might throw up mice before they crawl on you, but then they’ll relax and restore.
  25. beauty marks
    Since When Is Going to the Gyno a Spa Experience?