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  1. science of us
    Is My Voice Attractive?How about now?
  2. golden globes 2018
    Watch Oprah’s Incredibly Moving Speech at the Golden GlobesShe is the first black woman to win the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award.
  3. Hillary Is Out of the Woods and Swinging in Her Speech at Georgetown▶️ “Here I go again, mentioning research and studies and facts.”
  4. linguistics
    Women Use Singsong Smarts to Talk to Their DogsIt’s a matter of using “all the resources available to them as language users, with their nonhuman social partners.”
  5. Monkeys’ Mouths Are Built for Speech — Only Their Brains Are Holding Them BackA new study shows that they’re capable of noises that sound a lot like human language.
  6. Talking With Your Hands Makes You Learn Things FasterSpeech is physical.
  7. A Linguist Attempts to Explain Why Donald Trump Often Sounds IncoherentIt’s about the use (and misuse) of something called “discourse markers.”
  8. documentaries
    A New Documentary Asks What It Means to ‘Sound Gay’A clip from David Thorpe’s Do I Sound Gay?
  9. language
    Can We Just, Like, Get Over the Way Women Talk?The problem with policing vocal tics.
  10. Babies’ Brains ‘Rehearse’ Speech Months Before They TalkAs revealed by an adorable baby-brain scanner.