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  1. How to Make Friends FasterFive scientifically proven ways to build meaningful relationships quickly.
  2. What Is the Speed of Thought?It takes half a second for sensory information to be incorporated into conscious experience. So, in a sense, the future has already happened.
  3. How Your Brain Controls the Speed of TimeWhy does reality seem to slow down in moments of extreme peril? Can the mind really bend time? Here’s the neuroscience behind the phenomenon.
  4. beauty
    21 Seconds to a More Beautiful YouYour daily beauty regimen shouldn’t be a time-suck.
  5. How to Fall Asleep FasterA few simple sleep hacks to help you minimize the time between going to bed and getting to bed.
  6. This Woman Is One of the World’s Most Daring Wingsuit FliersAirborne adventure junkie Roberta Mancino soars between skyscrapers and over active volcanos. What did you do today?