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  1. run for the hills
    Heidi Montag to Design Her Own Wedding DressSo … will it be low cut? Or low cut?
  2. head for the hills
    The Hills Knows No Economic DramaAnother week, another head trip into the un-reality of Lauren Conrad’s world.
  3. head for the hills
    Hills Doubleheader: Audrina and Lauren Finally Talk, OMG.In this week’s second episode, the girls get the mascara all over the place. Obviously.
  4. head for the hills
    A Double Dose of The HillsMTV blessed us twice as much this week, especially in giving us a blowout “let’s totally implode in Vegas” episode.
  5. cult of personality
    The Hills Gets Its Very Own YentaIn an episode much improved from last week’s snoozer, Whitney goes to New York and Kelly Cutrone multitasks like a power bitch.
  6. cult of personality
    Drama on The Hills Strangely Akin to That of Middle EastEpisode two of the latest season was a waste, save for some current-events analysis from the one and only Spencer Pratt.
  7. loose threads
    Teachers Alter Shopping Habits; Hedi Slimane’s New Men’s ‘Vogue’ Cover DebutsAlso, Jane Birkin designs for Lutz & Patmos, Halston handbags disappoint, and Betsey Johnson kissed a girl.
  8. cult of personality
    When You’re in The Hills, You’ll Never Be FriendsThe new season of ‘The Hills’ premiered last night, and we could finally breathe for the first time.
  9. loose threads
    Emporio Armani Launches Intimates; Alessandra Ambrosio Gives Birth!Also: Vera Wang’s Lavender label launches shoes, Elizabeth and James jewelry is now on preorder, and Speidi moves.
  10. new york fugging city
    Forecasting ‘The Hills’: A Whole Season in a Single TrailerMTV has released a preview for season four, and we can pretty much tell you exactly how this whole sloppy thing is going to play out.
  11. new york fugging city
    The Teen Idol Is Dead, Long Live the (Reality-TV) Teen IdolRemember when teen idols had actual talent? Yeah, those were the days before Nicole Richie, Speidi, and reality television ruined it all.
  12. cult of personality
    ‘The Hills’: No Place Like Audrina’s Crappy HomeThis week in the continuing saga we like to refer to as Shitting on Audrina’s Head, we open with Heidi (sleeveless and wearing a scarf, as is the inexplicable L.A. style) and her fake boss Brent Bolthouse chatting in his office.
  13. party lines
    Our Very Own Moment with Heidi Montag and Spencer PrattLast night we — yes we! — spoke to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, to their at once very real and very not real faces.
  14. cult of personality
    Everyone Fights on ‘The Hills,’ But Justin Bobby’s BackThis week, Lauren and Lo turn on poor Audrina, which is kind of like kicking a kid in a wheelchair. At least she’s got her skeevy boy toy to comfort her!
  15. loose threads
    Heidi and Spencer’s New Show; More ‘Project Runway’ DramaHeidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have a ‘Newlyweds’-type show in the works, Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Zucker’s ‘Project Runway’ spat continues, and NIna still mulls.
  16. loose threads
    Nina Garcia Likely to Return to ‘Project Runway’; Naomi Campbell LiesHarvey Weinstein is determined to have Nina Garcia back to judge ‘Project Runway,’ Naomi Campbell says she refuses to fly British Airways, and Italy banned a Tom Ford ad!
  17. cult of personality
    Spencer and Heidi Scream All Over ‘The Hills’We welcome you back to a Monday-evening episode of ‘The Hills,’ subtly titled “Girls Night Out.” It’s only one episode tonight, folks, and let us say: Amen.
  18. cult of personality
    More From ‘The Hills’: Kelly Cutrone Is Tired, ViciousThis double-hitter recap brings up another darkly titled episode: “Just Be Careful.” Dum-dum-dum (again)! It’s referring to Heidi, though, so it’s not quite as frightening. This episode focuses a lot on Whitney and her new job, so, you know, yawn.
  19. cult of personality
    ‘The Hills’: You’re Crying Because You’re Not As Awesome As SpencerAnother Monday night, another back-to-back showing of The Hills. Thank you, MTV! The first episode is ominously titled “When Spencer Finds Out.” Dum-dum-dum!
  20. run through
    Hooray for the Inevitable! ‘Hills’ Star Whitney Port Launches Clothing LineLet’s recap the recent career highlights of the Hills stars in actual reality, shall we? Lauren Conrad unveiled her new collection at L.A. Fashion Week on Tuesday. Heidi Montag, fast on L.C.’s heels, is launching her own clothing line soon.