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  1. oscars 2022
    Kristen Stewart Wore Shorts to the OscarsAn impeccable choice!
  2. year in review
    An Ode to 2021’s Most Notable (i.e., Chaotic) WigsIt was a banner year for hairpieces.
  3. mysteries
    Does the Queen Really Weigh Her Christmas Guests?Why is the royal family like this?
  4. keeping up with the royals
    Will We Ever Have Enough Princess Diana Movies?Spencer joins the growing list of cinematic homages to the people’s princess.
  5. fact check
    How Accurate Is Spencer?What we know about the real-life events that inspired the latest Princess Diana movie.
  6. i’d buy that
    Was Kristen Stewart Visited by Princess Diana’s Ghost?It sure sounds like it.
  7. !!!
    All Hail Kristen StewartA new teaser for the Princess Diana biopic Spencer is here.