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Sperm Donors

  1. sex diaries
    The Married Woman Contemplating Sperm DonorsThis week’s sex diary.
  2. cut cover story
    There Are No More Secrets in Sperm DonationGenetic testing has made it easier than ever for children of anonymous donors to fill in their family trees — whether their parents are ready or not.
  3. it’s complicated
    What It’s Like When Your Brother Is Your Wife’s Sperm DonorSeven years later, we’re still figuring it out.
  4. thanks for sharing
    Diary of a Sperm DonorA gay man finds spirituality through giving.
  5. legends
    ‘Truly Ugly Guy With Glasses’ Is Europe’s Most Virile ManEd Houben has fathered 106 children — that he knows of.
  6. fertility
    Sperm Crisis in Israel?Experts blame overexposure to estrogen.